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Operator Accessories 


Accessories for CDX


interface modules

Auxiliary Output Module - this plug-in module will provide several auxiliary sets of dry contacts that are microprocessor controlled. Outputs can be configured using the on-board keypad.

To maintain compliance when using a sensing edge as a primary safety device with our X-Series commercial operators labeled UL 325 2010, you must use one of the following modules:

timer to close module

Timer to Close Module - provides auxiliary control inputs, auxiliary safety inputs, auxiliary timer hold input, and an automatic door closing feature with a user-selectable time-delay. Safety inputs can be enabled or disabled using the on-board keypad. A sensing device must be used with this module.

monitored edge interface module

Monitored Edge Interface Module – provides an interface between two-wire monitored sensing edges and our X-Series operators. This module allows for the connection of a two-wire monitored sensing edge to be connected to the ODC STB terminals. Compatible for use on Miller Edge electronic two-wire monitored edge models ME, MT and MU.

Safety Accessories

Additional safety options include:
  Fire Sentinel® time delay release device
  Photoelectric or ionization-type smoke detectors
   (with or without heat detector)
  Solid-state horn, strobe or voice enunciators