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 Model 676 



The RapidGrille AP security grille system was developed to supply advanced performance in industrial, security and general commercial applications where tenants’ security, long term asset value and minimized interruption to facility access are primary concerns. The RapidGrille AP systems’ advanced performance design answers the demand for more in reliability, durability and efficiency. Ideal applications include the following: parking garage facilities, industrial manufacturing facilities, government facilities, public facilities, shipping and receiving docks.

Advanced performance and safety features

The RapidGrille Advanced Performance Security Grille provides facilities with maximized air movement and visual access while delivering more safety features than a standard security grille. The reliable springless design and operation provides reliable performance and asset longevity. This grille system’s design delivers additional safety features with the automatic stop lock brake, photoelectric sensors and self-monitoring sensing edge. The NEMA 4X control panel provides built-in cycle counter and timer to close function allowing for ease of operation while providing rich system diagnostics.

Max. standard width

30'4" (9,246 mm)

Max. standard height

14’4" (4,369 mm)

Max. total area

240 ft²*


Galvanized steel links and rods with mill aluminum spacer tube

Curtain pattern

Straight lattice 9" center vertical links with 2" center rod spacing

Door roll

Directly driven, spring-less steel tube roll with integral shafts, keyed on the drive end and supported by self-aligning grease-able sealed bearings


24 gauge black painted steel


Three structural steel angles with PowderGuard Weathered finish with black powder coat

Bottom bar

Tubular extruded aluminum with mill finish


Face of wall


Direct drive, hypoid gear motor/brake assembly with manual hand crank.
Opening speed 20 inches/second
Voltage: 208VAC, 230VAC, 460VAC
Phase: three phase
Horsepower: ½, 1 and 2
Left or right hand mount

Control panel

NEMA 4X rated; variable frequency drive, self-diagnostics, built-in cycle counter, and timer to close

Safety features

Automatic stop lock brake and cover, photoelectric sensors with commercial grade guards, 2-wire, black/yellow striped electric fail-safe sensing edge, motor cover

Limited warranty

60-month on motor; 24-month on door components

Curtain pattern

Brick 4.5" on center vertical links with 2" on center rods spacing

Curtain material

Mill aluminum link, galvanized steel rod, with mill aluminum spacer tube
Clear anodized aluminum link, galvanized steel rod, and clear anodized aluminum spacer tube
#4 or #2B stainless steel link, rod, and spacer tube


PowderGuardTM Premium finish
PowderGuardTM Zinc finish
Stainless steel #4 or #2B


24 gauge powder coated steel
Stainless steel with brush finish
Powder coated aluminum


Loop detectors
Radio control
Push buttons
Motion detectors
Pull cords