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Model 675 

security grille

Overhead Door Corporation's side-folding full closure grilles are ideal for applications that require a secure barrier against theft and debris, such as retail applications in malls and airport concourses. The full closure side folding grille product line includes four panel materials: perforated steel, clear polycarbonate, tempered glass and aluminum. All four models are available in both standard-body and wide-body versions.

Model 675 features painted perforated steel for full ventilation. Visibility: 51% of 4-3/4" (121mm) viewable area.

Door Options

  • Custom radii and curves
  • Thumb-turn guards
  • Vertical adjustment upward or downward


Curtain frame
Truss-like aluminum top and bottom plates; 1/8" (3 mm) thick

Panel width
6 5/16" (160 mm) standard body
11 1/4" (298 mm) wide body

Aluminum clear anodized

Trolley assembly
1 1/8" (29 mm); vertical adjustment 1" (25 mm) up/down without curtain removal

Top-mounted, heavy-duty aluminum sections

Track height
1 5/8" (41 mm)

Track width
1 3/8" (35 mm)

Standard track curves
90°: Standard body: 10" (254 mm) and 14" (356 mm) radius; Wide body: 22" (559 mm) radius 120°, 135° and 150°: Standard body: 10" (254 mm) radius

14" (356 mm) standard body; 22" (559 mm) wide body; custom upon request

Post types
Lead post
Hook lock and wall channel; bi-part; top and bottom shoot bolts

Intermediate post
Bottom shoot bolt

Trailing end post
Traveling; fixed; hook lock and wall jamb; top and bottom shoot bolts; carrier

Locking mechanisms
Lead post
Concealed cylinder-operated hook lock accessible from interior and exterior

Intermediate post
Concealed cylinder-operated shoot bolt accessible from one side only

Trailing end post
Attached 10' max. (3048 mm) protection plate self-locking into a steel V-Stop

24 month OEM limited

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