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Transmitters Installed in Automobiles 


HomeLink® is a factory installed transmitter option found in a growing number of automobiles.  The HomeLink® transmitter is usually found on an automobile visor and is ready to open and close any Overhead Door garage door opener with CodeDodger®.  There is no need to purchase additional transmitters. 

For more information on HomeLink call 1-(800)-355-3515.

AccessOne, a remote keyless entry system produced by Kwikset® locks and unlocks entry doors with a small, electronic key fob which is similar to automotive door entry key fobs.  The system is easy to use…

  • Red and green indicator lights alert you to the lock status
  • Separate lock, unlock, and garage door opener buttons
  • Low battery indicator
  • Programs in three easy steps

View the HomeLink® programming instructions.

For more information on AccessOne, please call 1-(800)-327-LOCK.

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