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Eco-Friendly Material 

The Science of EcoBuilt® garage doors

EcoBuilt® garage doors look, feel and even sound like wood, because they are made of wood: 81% Douglas-fir, to be precise. Overhead Door recycles unused Douglas-fir from mills and fuses it with exterior grade resins and wax to form a hard-working homogenous door panel. Specially formulated to resist moisture, these door panels actually outperform wood in tests of weather and time.

Little did we know 40 years ago when this technology was being developed that EcoBuilt® would be the future of garage doors. Because of their unique composition, all EcoBuilt® garage door panels use 100% recycled wood fiber and are SCS Certified: Minimum 88% Recycled Content.

EcoBuilt® garage doors resist splitting, warping and cracking, unlike conventional wood doors, and they won’t dent or bend like steel doors. They’re easy to install and they come prepped for painting, eliminating the need for exterior priming.