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UL 325 Standards

UL 325 2010 Standard Update

All commercial door operators bearing the UL label must continuously monitor safety devices such as photo sensors and/or sensing edges. This is a mandatory requirement for operation other than constant contact to close.

Inability to comply will result in the operator being limited to constant contact to close operation

Either monitored photo eyes or monitored sensing edge devices are mandatory for momentary contact operation. The monitored device must provide continuous status to the operator, which is designed to receive and monitor the status.

Auxiliary non - monitored reversal devices, such as N-O or N-C pneumatic sensing edge, are permissible, but only in conjunction with the monitored safety devices.

Monitored photo eyes and monitored sensing edges will be tested in conjunction with the operator by UL as being compliant with the operator as a system. Only those devices UL approved as part of the operator listing will be allowed.

Overhead Door Corporation will be ready with necessary changes for UL 325 2010 on our commercial operator lines including RHX®, RSX®, RMX® and CDX® as of August 29, 2010.

The following visual references will be common among all current UL325 2010 listed commercial operators produced by Overhead Door Corporation.

  • The Control Board Assembly will be blue in color.
  • One 3 inch diameter label will be placed on the outside of the operator carton stating the product "Meets UL325/2010".
  • One 1 inch diameter label will be attached to the outside surface of the electric box cover. This label would be the same as the 3 inch label, except smaller in size.
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