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​Vid​eos of High Speed Rolling Doors 

High Speed Fabric Doors & High Speed Rubber Doors

Here's a collection of high speed doors installed by our Overhead Door Distributors! 

Last year, we introduced a new line of RapidFlex™ High Speed doors which includes four rolling fabric door models for both interior and exterior applications and a rugged rubber door model for harsh environments like chemical plants and mining facilities. Over the past year we've seen our high speed doors installed at many different facilities across the country. 

The two videos below were taken by Overhead Door Company of Bellingham in Bellingham, Washington. Overhead Door Co. of Bellingham installed these two RapidFlex​ Model 991 high speed doors on these interior applications.  These are videos to give you an example of how Overhead Door​'s Model 991 interior high speed door operates. 




Stay tuned as we continue to add videos of our high speed doors to this page!