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Launch of Overhead Door® OHD Anywhere® Technology 

Legacy® 920 Garage Door Openers

garage door opener with OHD Anywhere

​​​Overhead Door™ Brand has fully integrated OHD Anywhere® into Overhead Door® Legacy® 920 garage door openers, allowing homeowners to monitor and control their garage door opener from anywhere using their Apple® iPhone or Android phone or device.


​​​“OHD Anywhere® can be installed with any compatible garage door opener, but this is the first time the controller and sensor have been fully integrated into a garage door opener making it much easier to program,” said Heather Meiner, Overhead Door Brand Manager.


​​​With OHD Anywhere®, homeowners can check if their garage door is open, closed or if there are any changes to the door position, as well as instantly know when someone is attempting to operate the garage door. Homeowners can also open the door for a delivery, maintenance professional or friends without needing to provide the access password to the garage. It even offers the added security benefit of keeping a log of all uses of the garage door with dates and times.


​​​“Smart garage door products give homeowners more control over the largest entryways into their homes. Homeowners won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the garage door open all day because they can check the status through the smartphone app, and either close the door or set their mind at ease without having to turn around,” added Meiner.


​​​The Overhead Door® Legacy® 920 garage door openers include battery backup compatibility, providing homeowners with control of their garage doors even if the power is out. Legacy® 920 openers also give homeowners the option to choose between a chain unit, which provides strong and reliable performance at the most affordable cost, or a belt operated unit, offering the same power and reliability with minimal noise.


​​​Overhead Door® Legacy 920® Models 7120H and 7120H-B are compatible with all current and previous versions of HomeLink and Car2U systems.

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