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DoorView User Guide

How to Use the Garage Door Designer App​

The DoorView app gives you engaging and easy-to-use options to design the garage door of your dreams and then allows you to place it on a photo of your home. This app has enhanced features for the most precise product visualization available anywhere in the garage door industry.​  The great thing about Overhead Door's garage door visualization app is you don't need interent access to design a new garage door, so you can use it practically anywhere you go. The DoorView app​ is free to download and available now on the Apple ​App Store for iPads. 

 This easy step by step guide will show you how to download and get started creating your new garage door on the DoorView App.  

1.Getting Started

Download the App from the App Store

Our DoorView garage door designer app is currently only available on Apple's App Store and can only be used on iPad devices. It's a free app to download, all you need to do is search for "Overhead Door" or "DoorView" to find the app on the App Store.

garage door visual app


2. Start Designing Your Garage Door 

Selecting a Garage Door Design

Once the DoorView app is downloaded to your iPad, you can now begin designing your garage door. You can choose from a variety of garage door types that are organized into design categories such as carriage house designs, modern, faux wood, wood, or traditional designs. One of the great features about our garage door visualizer is that the garage door you choose can easily be updated during the design process or after the door is placed on a home. 

Adding Options and Features to Your Garage Door

Once you choose your garage door design type and model, you're now ready to customize your door with options and features. You'll be able to select available colors or a trim color depending on whether the door model has overlays like our Coutyard Collection. In this step you'll also be able to choose a window style, glass type and hardware for your door. The customize step is where you can showcase your personal design preferences that will give you the garage door that you love and will look great on your home. 

door view - garage door app screenshot


3. Applying Your Door to Your Home

door view - garage door app screenshot

Take a Photo of Your Home or Choose Home Image

Now it's time to see what your newly designed garage door will look like on your home. In this step you can take and/or upload a photo of your home so you can see exactly what the garage door will look like if you were to get a new one on your existing home. If you're unable to upload a photo or just want to see what the garage door would look like placed on any home, then you can select a home that we provide in the library. 

door view - garage door app screenshot

Sizing the Door to Fit the Opening

We've made fitting the door to your specific opening even easier with "Perspective Lines".  The "Perspective Lines" will allow the door to fit the opening even when the opening or photo is angled. When applying the garage door to an uploaded image of your home four dots will appear in the corners of your garage door, once you're satisfied 'Click' on "Confirm Perspective Lines". 

door view - garage door app screenshot

Adjusting the door

The garage door will automatically be placed on the opening but if you'd like to make aditional adjustments then use the center circle to move entire door or click on "Show/Hide Perspective Lines" to make small adjustments to corner. *Please note: This is not a door configurator, so doors will only it the appropriate sizes and cannot be stretched* 

door view - garage door app screenshot

Once you're completed with sizing and adjusting the door placement click "Save", the door is now locked. 


4. Customizing the Door Once It's Saved

Keep the Door, Change the Options and Features

Even after you "Save" the door and lock it in position, we've designed the app so you can still easily change options. You do this by clicking on the red "Customize" button on the left side.  When selecting the "Customize" button, the customization options will slide out and you can then change the color, windows, hardware or glass options. 

Changing to a New Design or Model Once Positioning is Saved

If you're wanting to change to an entirely new door design or model you can select "Change Door" on the bottom of your screen. The great thing about this is the new model selected will automatically be placed on the opening, so all you need to do is customize the new door. 

Select "Change Door".

door view - garage door app screenshot

After selecting the new door it will be placed automatically on the opening:

door view - garage door app screenshot


5. Saving the Final Door

Alright so you've found the garage door you absolutely love, now it's time to save it to your projects! Select the save icon on the top right of your screen, name your door project, and now you'll be able to access it when meeting with your Overhead Door Distributor.  

door view - garage door app screenshot

Also, another great feature is the ability to send projects via email. When you've saved your door project you can easily send it to your local Overhead Door Distributor​ so they know exactly the garage door you're interested in buying for your home. ​​​​

Published: January 26, 2017

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