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Disaster Preparedness with Certified Door Solutions

Doors that are tested to meet various approval agencies and building codes
 to be prepared for natural and national disasters

Hurricane Idalia was a destructive Category 4 storm that caused over $1 billion in damages August 2023. Idalia was the 10th named storm and the third hurricane of the season. Idalia is not the only storm Americans have encountered in 2023. There were others: Tropical Storms Don and Kenneth; hurricanes Lee, Margo and Nigel and more.

This country is familiar with the damages such storms create in the day-to-day living of workers and homeowners. President Biden declared September as National Preparedness Month. This year, the White House and FEMA are focusing on preparing older adults and caregivers. In reality, everyone needs to be prepared for emergencies. Overhead Door™ Brand believes safety is an everyday matter; all year long.

“Our products help alleviate stress, anxiety, etc. when it comes to natural events,” Justin Lee, Overhead Door™ brand digital marketing manager, said. “Many of our products meet FEMA regulations so customers can be at ease knowing that their loved ones and their belongings are safe behind closed doors.”

Natural disasters are not the only negative events that humans encounter. Man-made incidents also impact the lives of citizens and as such require active violence preparedness. Overhead Door™ Brand is committed to creating products to meet the needs of our customers, including fire-rated doors, ballistics-rated doors and wind load-rated doors.

Overhead Door™ Brand has a portfolio of products to protect homes and businesses that includes impact and wind load-rated doors and shutters. Our garage doors are tested to meet the following approval agencies/building codes:

Approval agenices/building codes


We also offer three FEMA models that each offer specific benefits in shelter and safety: 610F, 610FE, 610FR.

Designed to meet the high wind load and impact requirements of FEMA 361, Model 610F is structural wind load design pressure tested to +/- 300 psf and is impact rated for up to 100 mph. Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Door Model 610F is built to meet your most demanding and rigorous applications. Applications include storm shelters, emergency operations centers and schools.

Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Door Model 610FR bears the Warnock Hersey (WH) mark for fire safety which indicates compliance to UL 10B, NFPA 252 and CAN/ULC S104. Model 610FR is fire rated for up to 4 hours. This fire rated shelter door combines durability and safety where it’s needed the most. Applications include emergency operations centers, schools and gymnasiums.

When safety and protection of property is a priority, Model 610FE withstands the tough requirements for commercial applications. Model 610FE is ballistics rated for .22 LR - .38 special (NIJ 0108.01) and meets the requirements for up to 30 minutes of forced entry per ASTM F3038-21. Applications include safe rooms, schools and storefronts.

FEMA suggests that Americans assess their needs, make a safety plan and engage their support networks so that when disaster strikes, they have others to rely on. Home and business preparedness include regular maintenance of garage and commercial doors, and replacing faulty garage doors before an event strikes.

The month of September is coming to an end, but storm season is still underway. September may be National Preparedness Month, but Overhead Door™ Brand declares that every month offers opportunities to be prepared for natural and national disasters.

Take time this month and on to help your neighbor and buildings in your surrounding areas be more prepared in case of natural or national disaster.

Contact your local distributor today to help you find the best solution against these elements.

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