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EverServe™ Springless Rolling Door

One Year Anniversary

springless service door
(EverServe™ Model 610S)

It’s been one year since we introduced our new line of high-cycle, rolling springless service doors — EverServe™. A trailblazer among performance driven solutions, EverServe™ is one of the industry’s first door systems to feature a springless barrel design with integrated shafts and an extended 500,000 cycle life.

Industry Leading Solution

The EverServe™ door system provides customers with high cycle performance, improved security and durability, while delivering a reliable springless system that minimizes downtime with its ease of serviceability.

The three models (610S, 620S and 625S) open and close at speeds of up to 8 - 12” per second and offer a variety of insulation, weather seal and air flow options making them ideal for applications exposed to extreme weather, such as parking garages and manufacturing, pharmaceutical, warehouse and distribution facilities.

springless service door
(EverServe™ Model 620S)

The EverServe™ doors are available with a maximum width of 20’ and a maximum height of 20’ in a variety of slat options, including steel, aluminum and stainless steel in curved, flat, insulated flat, perforated or fenestrated styles. The models are available in four standard color options — gray, tan, white or brown — giving business owners and architects more design flexibility to complement a building’s aesthetic.

Additional key features include a floor-level controller for ease of access control, universal components for maintenance efficiency, manual hand chain to ensure safe operation in the event of a power outage and a built-in braking mechanism to provide additional protection against uncontrolled curtain travel.

building award service door

Awards and Recognition

Since its launch, EverServe™ has been making waves across the industry, recently earning recognition from BUILDINGS magazine as one of the top 5 money-saving envelope products for facilities managers and building owners.

With its innovative springless design eliminating the need for a springed counterbalance, EverServe™ provides 25 times the standard door cycle life, while cutting the costs of spring replacements and downtime. The door’s longevity and reliability make it a finance-friendly facility solution that the BUILDINGS team gladly recommended to their 75,000 readers seeking innovative products.

springless service door
(EverServe™ Model 625S)

Content Customers

The Overhead Door™ Brand has installed several EverServe™ models in parking garages, including an installation in a large apartment complex in Grand Rapids, MI, where the usage rate of both entry and exit doors will reach approximately 150 cycles per day. With the 500,000 life cycle design, these EverServe™ garage doors will operate smoothly for many years, leaving the property owner and tenants satisfied with their safe and reliable gateway.

Are you interested in one of our rolling service commercial doors? Contact an Overhead Door™ Distributor near you today.

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