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Flipping Houses and Garage Doors

HGTV's Desert Flippers Features Overhead Door™ Garage Doors

​Have you caught the newest "home flipping" renovation show on HGTV, Desert Flippers?  Wisconsin transplants Eric and Lindsey Bennett are transforming sunny Palm Springs, California one dilapidated house at a time.  In a recent episode, Overhead Door Company of the Desert™ helped transform a home's exterior with a beautiful new garage door.  

The Bennett's have been flipping homes for almost a decade. On Desert Flippers, they take homes deemed as disasters and drastically transform them into desirable homes in the Palm Springs area. 

Our distributor, Overhead Door Company of The Desert™ helped the Bennett's transform this home's curb appeal by installing a new Carriage House Collection Model 307 with mahogany stain, windows and decorative hardware. Not only beautiful, this insulated steel door also offers great thermal performance, a must have in the desert!  

Check out the before and after shots from the show.

garage door on hgtv desert flippers Before

garage door after photo on hgtv desert flippers After

​​Why Upgrade the Garage Door When Flipping or Renovating​ a Home?

In the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, Remodeling Magazine's annual nationwide study, upgrading the garage door on a home ranked as the number one project for upscale renovation and remodeling projects and a top five for mid-range projects with an average return on investment of over 90 percent! Whether you’re flipping a home or renovating the one you currently live in, replacing the garage door continues to be ranked as a top home improvement project​. 

Upgrading Your Garage Door Dramatically Enhances the Exterior of Your Home 

A garage door can also take up to one-third of the front of a home's exterior. When your garage door faces the front (or even side) of your house, an upgraded door can have a great impact on the curb appeal of your home and change the entire look and feel of a home's exterior. 

When flipping homes or even when making upgrades to your current home, it's extremely important to know which home improvement projects increase your home's value and which one's don't. Always start with those that increase value, like the garage door. It's a relatively simple and quick upgrade that can make a big difference.  Visit the DoorView Design Center at to see how a new garage door can transform your home!​ 


Overhead Door flipping houses with new garage doors



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