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Connecting with Community​

​​​Overhead Door Company of Joliet Participates in Parade

​​garage doors at parade in joliet illinois

​​​Using Grassroots Marketing to Generate Exposure in Your Community​

Overhead Door Company of Joliet, Illinois recently stirred up intrigue in a local parade by mounting a working door and operator on the back of a service truck. Featuring these products in an unconventional and exciting way sparked an influx of inquiries and calls to the office. This is a perfect example of grassroots marketing generating exposure and imbedding businesses into communities.

What is Grassroots Marketing?

At its core, grassroots marketing is taking your message to a small audience, who have the means and potential of exponentially spreading that message though their spheres of influence by word of mouth.

Why is Grassroots Marketing useful?

Grassroots marketing is a low budget, but highly effective way for business of all sizes to connect directly with customers and start a conversation about their company.

What are examples of Grassroots Marketing?

Pass out merchandise at a local high school football game, offer no cost quotes at a free concert, join local service organizations, give away informative brochures at an industry luncheon or strap your product on the back of a truck and show it off in a parade. 

garage door company in joliet at parade

  How to start a Grassroots Marketing campaign?


1. Start by determining the audience that you want to impact, (e.g. families, architects, business owners, etc.), and find a way reach them organically.

2. With the audience in mind, develop an idea that is simple but genuine. Decide what you want people to take away from your message and reverse engineer your idea. It can be flashy or low key but create something that will stick with people.

3. Take your campaign to the streets. Meet your audience where they are and create a touch point for your business. Foster relationships and make them remember your name.

Grassroots marketing comes down to your needs and how creative you are willing to get in order to reach your customers. The cost matters much less than the time and energy expended to put these creative plans in place. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you are or how big your business is, when you take the time to invest in the community it will always pay dividends.

We would love to hear more about your grassroots marketing activities. Send us your story and photos so we can feature you in an upcoming blog or newsletter!

Written by: Christian Morrow
Published: August 24, 2017