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10 Ways to Keep Your Garage Door Running Smoothly

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

Getting to work in the morning. Pulling out the lawn mower. Getting the holiday decorations out. Running to the store. Chances are you open and close your garage door multiple times a day, all year long. With that kind of use and natural wear and tear, it is very important to routinely check to make sure everything is in good working order. Overhead Door™ brand has been around for more than 100 years, so we have a simple, ten-point check list that will keep your garage door in great shape so you can count on it for years to come.

1. Eyes & Ears
The first thing to do to make sure your garage door is working properly is just look and listen each time you use it. Even though this step sounds very simple, it is extremely important. Observing your garage door and noticing any weird noises, any strange movements as your garage door goes up and down or anything else out of the ordinary is a wonderful practice to incorporate into your schedule. Simply observing how your garage door works and making note when something is not quite right can help you spot trouble before it gets out of hand.

2. Tighten Up
Your garage door is most likely the largest piece of moving equipment in your home and all the movement can wear and tear on the nuts and bolts of your garage door. Setting aside time to check all the hardware on your garage door and tighten anything that may have come loose is a simple process that could save you time and money in the future.

3. Lubricate
As we mentioned in the previous step, your garage door moves every time you open and close it. To keep it moving smoothly, use a proper lubrication like penetrating oil lubricant. About twice a year, spray the lubricate hinges and roller stems and other moving parts. Operate the door while lubricating to ensure the lubricant is worked in.

4. Check the Balance
If your garage door is out of balance, this can strain the garage door springs and can wear it down faster. A simple way to check to see if your garage door is out of balance is to disconnect the opener and manually lift the door to halfway open. If the door is properly balanced, it should stay in place without any help from you. If it does not stay in place, it is out of balance, and you should call a professional for help.

5. Keep it Clean
Take a look at the tracks that the garage door runs along. Clean out anything that may have fallen into the tracks to keep the door running smoothly. Next up, clean the door itself. Make sure there are no major rust spots or chips in the paint. This is a great opportunity to wash your garage door with a basic household cleaner. If you have a wood door, address any warping or areas that need sanding and re-sealing.

6. Seal it Up
It is very common for a garage door to have weatherstripping along the bottom of the door. This helps keep hot and cold air out as well as dirt, dust and water when it rains or snows. This rubber will not last forever and it is a good practice to check it regularly and replace when needed.

7. Safety First
Almost all modern garage doors have an auto-reverse safety feature. This keeps you safe in the event you get in the way of a closing garage door. There are two basic tests to check if your door is working properly. First, place an object on the ground in the path of the garage door (a box, a block, a brick, etc.). Next, lower your door. When the garage door touches the object, it should immediately reverse and open again. Second, close your garage door. As its coming down, wave a broom in front of the photo-eyes to ensure that your garage door reverses.

8. Keep Rolling
Look at your rollers (the little wheel or disc that sits inside the track). Make sure they are not cracked, warped or in any way damaged. If you notice any wear and tear, replace with new right away.

9. Pulleys & Cables
Visually inspect the pulleys and cables that help lift and lower the garage door. It is important to only look and not touch as the pulley system can be very dangerous. If you notice anything out of place, call a professional to make it right as soon as possible.

10. Call a Pro
Let Overhead Door™ brand take care of you and your garage with a service call from a garage door professional. One of our expert technicians can go over all the points on this list and then some to keep your garage door at its best. With more than a century in the garage door business, you can trust Overhead Door™ brand to have the knowledge and the skill you are looking for to maintain your garage door for years to come.

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