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Garage Door Transformation Instantly Upgrades Curb Appeal

Atlanta blogger uses Overhead Door™ Brand garage doors to spruce up her home's exterior

house with new garage door
Credit: Malika Bowling

Atlanta-based food, travel and lifestyle blogger Malika Bowling has been dreaming about replacing her old and heavy garage doors since she moved into her house in Atlanta. Last winter, she decided that she had had enough of her outdated doors that would squeak anytime they were opened or closed.

“That and the outdated look led us to explore our options for replacing our garage doors. I’d heard from family and friends that the Overhead Door™ Brand was what they used, so I started researching them,” said Malika Bowling.

Replacing the garage door is a project that involves extensive research and oftentimes referrals. Malika started her research process by simply asking around about trustworthy and superior garage door brands and was repeatedly pointed to the Overhead Door™ Brand.

"I think that when you are replacing something that will be a once or maybe twice in a lifetime replacement, such as garage doors, it's best to buy the highest quality," added Malika.

before garage door project
after garage door project

When considering which doors were best for her home, Malika visited a local showroom and spoke with professionals about her options. Malika also utilized The DoorView® app, which provides engaging and easy-to-use options to design the garage door of your dreams. You can even place your design on an actual photo of your home to view what it would really look like.

Malika knew she wanted to design a garage door that is lightweight but also insulated to help protect her home from temperature changes and high winds often experienced in northern Georgia. While initially drawn to the carriage house style doors, Malika consulted with the experts at Overhead Door Company of Atlanta and decided to go with a style that would both match her home and satisfy her insulation needs. Together, they arrived at the Thermacore® Model 496 in the color Almond.

The Overhead Door™ Brand Thermacore® Model 496 delivers maximum thermal efficiency and offers design flexibility and customization options. Malika chose to accent her doors with vertical Stockbridge windows that have clear insulated glass.

“With a traditional looking home, we felt that the new design truly brought our home into more modern times, while alleviating the loud noise we experienced when they opened and closed,” she added.

man installing a garage door
Credit: Malika Bowling

“When it came to the garage door installation process — it was smooth and easy with excellent communication and service,” Malika describes.

Malika shared her excitement over her installation process with her followers on Facebook.

“Unlike so many of the other transactions that happen nowadays, the Overhead Door™ Brand was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in not only educating me about the kinds of doors I should get, but about garage door insulations and “R value”. Believe me you’ll learn all the terms, even if you are not a home DIYer.,” Malika added.

house with new garage door
Credit: Malika Bowling

The garage door upgrade utterly transformed the overall appearance and curb appeal of her home, giving it a refreshed and modernized look.

“I can’t recommend the Overhead Door™ Brand highly enough for incredible service and a terrific overall product,” Malika concluded.

To learn more about Malika’s curbappeal transformation head to her blog post: Increase Curb Appeal with Modern, Light Weight Garage Doors from Overhead Door.

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