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​​​High Speed Doors Anniversary

Celebrating First Year of High Speed Door Products

Can you believe it has only been one year since we launched our new line of high speed, high performance doors for commercial and industrial applications? 

Last year we introduced five new models to our commercial door line-up which included four rolling fabric doors and a rolling rubber door. These five models successfully introduced Overhead Door into the high speed door category with door installations at many high profile industrial facilities across the country.  

​​high speed rolling door ribbon cutting

Our high speed door launch was one of the most successful product launches in company history, here's why. ​

Product Development with the end user in mind

Throughout the entire product development process we continually asked the question, "How will this help our installers and the users that will be operating the door?"  All of the features on our high speed doors are there to make the installation simple for installers and make it safe, secure, and efficient for the end user. 

rolling high speed rubber door Image​: RapidFlex™ High Speed Rolling Rubber Door Model 995​

It took a collaborative effort between installers, distributors, service technicians and product engineers to create the ultimate high speed door solution.  Service technicians and product engineers went to the first installations of our high speed doors across the country to make sure everything went smoothly and to also offer their expertise and product knowledge while on site.

​​rolling high speed rubber door inside

Image​: RapidFlex™ High Speed Rolling Rubber Door Model 995

Ease of Installation

Overhead Door RapidFlex™ high speed doors offers a universal LH and RH motor which minimizes any motor location issues and minimizes expensive field modifications.

The control panel software is also universal across all of our Rapid Platforms, so the programming and set-up instructions will be very similar for each model in our line of high speed, high performance door products.

RapidFlex™ high speed doors extended shafts, pre-wired motor connection, and universal programming and troubleshooting makes installation one of the easiest in the industry.

Independently Tested

All of our high speed doors are independently tested for operational and static pressure and also for air exchange rate on RapidFlex™ Model 991.


Our high speed doors  have many built-in standard features, including safety features such as door stop device, cULusrecognized NEMA 4X controller, and redundant safety devices. 

rolling high speed fabric door with struts Image: Heavy duty exterior fabric rolling door; high speed door Model RapidFlex™ 994​

Some of these Built-in Standard Features include:

  • ​Powder coat safety yellow guide, bottom bar, and struts
  • Hood and motor covers
  • Auxiliary hand chain override
  • Padlock-able fused rotary disconnect
  • Two sets of photo eyes
  • Monitored wireless reversing edge
  • cULus Recognized (UR) NEMA 4X controller

Flexible Design Backed by Industry Leading Warranty

  • ​Most models are available in both 1-Phase and 3-Phase with voltages ranging from 120V AC to 575V AC.
  • 5 year warranty  on the entire door system (The most comprehensive warranty in the industry).

 We're excited to introduce more models to our line of RapidFlex™ High Speed Doors in the future. We're continuing to work with distributors, installers, and end-users to develop high speed door solutions that continue to enhance the way facilities operate.​​ ​

Are you interested in one of​ our high speed, high performance commercial doors? Then contact one of our high speed door specialists​.

Published: 4-27-2017
Written by: Jake Picken with the help of our High Speed, High Performance Door Experts​


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