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How a Glass Garage Door Can Change the Look of Your Home

A glass garage door is a beautiful and practical addition to any home, and the Envy™ Model 9980 takes it to the next level. This innovative residential door is constructed with glazing mounted to the outside of the frame, creating an ultra-modern appearance that's perfect for contemporary homes. Here's how the Envy™ Model 9980 can change the look of your home:

Benefits of a Frameless Glass Garage Door

A Stunning, Modern Aethestic

The Envy™ Model 9980's sleek and contemporary design is a real showstopper. Its full-view glass panels offer a sophisticated look that sets it apart from traditional garage doors. With its powder coated hidden aluminum frame, this door ensures the perfect match to your glass that creates the ultimate frameless look. And because the glazing is mounted on the outside of the frame, it creates a seamless look that is sure to impress.


Versatility in Design

Not only is the Envy™ Model 9980 visually stunning, but it's also highly versatile in design. It can modernize the exterior of a home and provide a versatile option for room dividers and patio doors. Its tempered glass provides additional protection against cracking and the weather seal helps prevent glass breakage while providing a weather barrier against dirt and other elements. With a variety of glass options available, from black or white opaque glass where privacy is a priority, to black translucent glass where visibility is desired, and even mirrored glass for the best of both worlds.



Added Value and Curb Appeal

Adding an Envy™ Model 9980 glass garage door to your home can boost its curb appeal and overall resell value. With its modern and stylish look, it can increase the perceived value of your home and set it apart from others in your neighborhood. Plus, it is a durable and long-lasting option that requires little maintenance, making it a valuable investment in your home.


Increased Natural Light and Energy Efficiency

Glass garage doors are an excellent way to increase natural light in your home and reduce the need for artificial lighting. The frameless full-view glass panels provide ample natural light and can create a brighter, more inviting space. Whether it’s a storage area, workspace or an at home gym, the high-quality glass helps to insulate the space that in turn can help reduce your heating and cooling costs making it more energy efficient.

Customize with Overhead Door™ Brand

The frameless glass garage door can satisfy different architectural and aesthetic solutions and will tastefully complement any home. Customize the frame, color and glass to create a stylish look. This is a wise investment that can transform the look and feel of your home. Contact an Overhead Door™ professional distributor and discover how it can change the look of your home today.

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