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How to Change the Speed on a Garage Door Opener​

Program your Garage Door Opening & Closing Speed

This video will show you how to change the speed on a garage door opener. The two types of garage door openers in this video are the Odyssey and Destiny openers​. 

There are three speed settings for both the opening and closing for these openers. The factory setting for the speed is the maximum for both the opening and closing of the opener. 

Video transcript:

Start by entering the main menu. Press and hold the square button until you see the long and short blue LED, release and you will see the short blue LED only. Press the up arrow with the plus sign two times and the long and short blue LED will appear. Press the square button to enter the speed programming menu. You will see the short blue LED flash three times then show the current speed setting for the up travel or open speed. The current speed for this unit is the maximum which is shown by the solid red long and short LEDs. The Odyssey and Destiny units can be set to three levels of speed for both open and close. These are maximum speed solid red long and short, medium speed solid purple long and short, slow speed solid blue long and short. Now press the down arrow one time and you will see the speed setting change from red LED maximum speed, to purple LEDs medium speed. Press the down arrow one more time and you will see the speed setting change from purple LEDs medium speed, to blue LEDs slow speed. Now we will press the up arrow one time and move the open speed to medium setting till the purple LED appears. We will press the square button to confirm that we want medium for the open speed. You will see confirmation of the long LED flash blue three times. The close or down speed level will be shown which is maximum speed both long and short red LEDs. Now press the down arrow or minus key one time and this changes the close or down speed to purple LEDs for medium speed. You can continue to press the down arrow to slow speed which is blue or the up arrow button one time to take this back to maximum close speed red LED. We will press the square button to confirm that we want medium speed. Both LEDs will flash blue to confirm it is set. Now both the open speed and close speed has been changed to medium. When changing the speed during installation, please press the remote or wall console and visually confirm this is the desired speed. You have now completed changing the speed for both open and close. Note that if you have a one-piece door also known as a kick door or California door, the speed is automatically running at a slow speed to meet UL requirements, these can be adjusted to be slower if so desired.​​​​​​​​

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