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How to Detect a Garage Door Company Scam

Garage Door​​ Repair Company​​​ Scams

​​Part 4 of video series from IDA and DASMA to protect consumers from garage door scams.​

​​Do you think you've come across a scam by a garage door repair company?  IDEA has come up with three questions to ask when calling a garage door company for repair or service.

Question #1: How do they identify their company?​

Since scammers typically go by many names, it's important to listen for the company name that they say on the phone. Many times they will answer the phone with very generic greetings such as, "garage door service" or "garage doors".  This is a way for them to not risk saying a different company name from the name in the advertisement you've received.


Question #2: "What company may I be speaking with?" 

If they haven't correctly identified themselves then you should ask them.

If they give you one of these generic greeting be sure you ask them what their company name is.  It's actually always a good idea to ask if you can confirm the company you've called. If they can't provide you the company name, stumble over providing you the name, or say they work for a different company then you were expecting then there's a good chance you've encountered a scam.  If any repair or service company cannot correctly identify themselves over the phone then you should hang up and call another company. 

They may try to tell you they just bought the company or give some type of excuse for not providing you with the correct company name, but if an employee can't correctly identify the company they work for then that's a problem.


Question#3: "Can you provide me with the address of your business?"

Ask the company for their specific street address in your area

A company should always be able to give you their physical location. Many reputable garage door companies have offices and showrooms where they display garage doors and openers. Scammers will almost never give you their address and if a company does give you an address is always important to look it up online or on Google Maps to verify it's legitimate.  

In the video it states, "Just remember, professional door companies want you to know who they are, where they are, and how you can reach them at any time.  They want your business for years to come."  That's a great point. Any reputable company wants to be known to its consumers. They're not going to try and hide information from their customers and always want to create a lasting business to consumer relationship with them. ​​


Need Help Finding a Reputable Garage Door Repair Company?

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 ​Published: August ​2017

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Video series from IDA and DASMA

How to protect consumers from garage door scams.​
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