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Moab Valley Inn Transforms its Indoor/Outdoor Pool

Aluminum Glass Door Application

Most visitors to Moab come to soak in the rugged desert beauty of Utah’s outdoor recreation capital. Just a few miles from Arches National Park, Moab Valley Inn is a popular jumping off point for day hikers and tourists wanting to explore the natural wonders of the area.

While its location is desirable, the Inn’s recreational areas, namely its hot tub and indoor/outdoor heated pool, did little to capitalize on its impressive natural surroundings. A well-worn, rusting rolling steel door visually severed the indoor and outdoor areas of the pool deck, creating a dark uninviting space when closed.

The Inn’s owners set out to change that by enlisting Overhead Door Company of Grand Junction™​ to transform its heated indoor/outdoor pool into a space that allows guests to unwind after a long day of hiking, while still enjoying views of the Moab Rim.

The old doors were replaced with aluminum see-thru glass doors​​​ (Model 521 Series) that breathed natural light into the space.​

Now, the Inn’s guests can enjoy the openness and natural light that these doors provide all year round. 


moab valley inn - old doors at pool

Before: A rusted rolling steel door divided the indoor/outdoor pool.


moab inn pool garage doors

After: 521 Series glass aluminum doors with 1/8" tempered glass and a Model RSX commercial door operator.

Posted on September 26, 2017



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