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Celebrate National Curb Appeal Month

The Overhead Door Brand has many options to boost your curb appeal

August is National Curb Appeal Month, so for us at the Overhead Door™ Brand that means a month full of admiring beautiful homes and, more specifically, their great looking garage doors!

From doors built to withstand hurricane-force winds to full-view, glass doors designed to perfect a modern home’s aesthetic, Overhead Door™ garage doors offer a wide variety of options to fit every homeowner’s style and functionality needs. See below for some of our favorite doors that are providing top-notch curb appeal across the country.

glass garage door
(Envy™ Model 956)

Envy™ Model 956 is the epitome of modern curb appeal. By adhering large glass panels to the front of an aluminum full-view door, Overhead Door™ Brand created a garage door that seamlessly flows between indoor and outdoor spaces and integrates with the aesthetics of any residential structure for a sleek, cutting-edge look.


courtyard style garage door
(Courtyard Collection® Series 7565)

If you live in an area that experiences a seasonal hurricane, it’s important to have a garage door that meets agency requirements, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice style. Overhead Door™ Courtyard Collection 7565 Series garage doors are approved for use in Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zone when ordered with proper wind load options and can boast decorative overlays that mimic the look of traditional carriage house doors.

steel garage door
(Traditional Steel 181)

For homeowners who want the look of a real wood door, but are looking for a lower cost alternative and also value low maintenance curb appeal, the Overhead Door™ Traditional Steel doors with wood grain finishes are the perfect solution. In addition to wood grain options, the Traditional Steel collection features a variety of other colors, windows, panel designs and construction options in order to provide the perfect garage door for your home that can be relied on for years to come.

insulated garage door
(ThermacoreⓇ Model 196)

In a city that experiences extreme cold or hot temperatures, ThermacoreⓇ Model 196 offers the premium insulation homeowners need to keep their homes comfortable. This door features a Microgroove panel design that showcases a profiled wave structure with horizontal grooves – creating a big exterior design splash, thanks to its striking light and shade effect.

aluminum garage door
(Modern Aluminum 521)

Homeowners looking to elevate their home can take a page from leading actor Justin Baldoni of the CW’s hit show Jane the Virgin. Baldoni picked a Modern Aluminum 521 garage door for his own home for its undeniable style and ability to provide ample amounts of light while inside the garage for use as a multi-functional space. The door is built to last using corrosion-resistant aluminum.

wood garage door
(Traditional Wood Collection Model 450)

For homeowners looking to incorporate natural elements directly into their home, a door from the Traditional Wood Collection is the perfect fit. These wood garage doors complement several architectural styles, from traditional to modern, and add timeless elegance and dramatic curb appeal to any home.

If this month of celebration has sparked home makeover mojo, Overhead Door™ Distributors are ready to help. Locate your nearest distributor to get started!

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