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Model 470 

Reliable, Durable and Thermally-Efficient​ Door

Recently, we unveiled our newest garage door for commercial and industrial applications, the Model 470. Our new door is not only reliable and durable, but also offers thermal efficiency. This insulated, sectional steel-backed door​ is solidly constructed for reliable thermal performance. The Model 470 complements a variety of applications, such as shipping facilities, warehouses and distribution centers.

Available in five double-coated finishes, including white, almond, brown, sandstone and desert tan, the commercial garage door’s rugged construction provides durability and reliable performance with an R-value of 9.83. The tongue-and-groove joint profile combats air leakage between sections, allowing for superior thermal efficiency.

commercial door model 470

We’re excited to add another durable and efficient door to our robust commercial portfolio for our valued distributors and customers. ​

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