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Outdoor Home Renovations that Increase Your Home’s Value

fire doors model-700
Modern Aluminum Model 9920 with satin glass in anodized dark bronze

With summer in full swing, you might be longing for an outdoor space that's perfect for get-togethers, family time, or just relaxing and catching some sun. Whether your home could use some freshening up or it’s time to finally get that in-ground pool you’ve had your eye on, it might also be the ideal time to update your garage door. Whatever your outdoor space needs, it should not only have curb appeal and add fun for you and your family, but should also increase your home's overall value. We have a few insights into ways to improve your home with cost effective renovations, while also keeping in mind your future goals.

Plan Ahead

Home improvements are great, but having them fit within your current financial means makes them even better. Before making any kind of investment in renovations, you should devise a budget that outlines how much you currently have to spend, how much you need to save, the total cost of your desired improvements, and list any financing required. It is also beneficial to determine the amount of value these changes add to your home, especially if you plan to sell soon or even in the long-term.

Use resources like a home value estimator to determine your property value and benchmark the effect your renovations are having on your overall investment. With this information in mind, you can make more lucrative changes in the case you decide to downsize or find a more functional home later on. After creating a financial plan and thinking through your renovations, you can begin designing how they will look outside your home.

fire doors model-700
Envy Model 9980 with opaque black glass

Design Your Ideal Exterior

There are a number of outdoor design elements that should be considered, because they can help to reflect your individual style. For example, landscaping will play a big role in the overall look and feel of a home. Colorful flowers amongst lush greenery create a modern look, or you can keep it simple and minimalistic with low maintenance annuals and perennials. Decide between a natural or refined landscaping design, and pick your materials like pavers, stones, mulch, and plants around the style that best suits your home. Consider hiring a landscape designer to help with the overall design of your front yard landscaping, which affects the curb appeal of your home, and the backyard landscaping, which is meant to reflect not only your style choice but the functionality of the space as well.

Another influential part of your exterior, and what is oftentimes the first thing visitors see, is your garage door. Your garage door is a major focal point on the front of your home and choosing one that naturally blends in with the rest of the house will drastically influence the look and feel of your home. Replacing your old garage doors with a newer style can instantly modernize the look of your home, or add that rustic feeling you’ve been searching for. Additionally, garage door replacements consistently rank for high return on investment for household renovations, according to the Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine and the National Association of Realtors.

Pop of Color

Color makes a huge difference in the exterior design of your home, and also plays a role in the overall mood of an outdoor space. Whether it be your patio, front porch, or even garage space, decide on a color scheme that matches its function and purpose. For a more earthy, relaxed space, consider outdoor weatherproof furniture in greens, blues, and neutrals. For a gathering space that exudes fun and excitement and is inviting for guests of all kinds, consider yellows, oranges and reds when buying accent pieces.

Tie in your theme with small pieces like cushions, pillows, and planters if you want a more refined look. Use flowers or other decor pieces as well to subtly introduce more bold colors in your space that best reflect your style. Designing an outdoor space is a great opportunity to get creative with color, so don't shy away from bold, bright accents. Look for inspiration on sites like Pinterest or HGTV to determine the right fit for your home. Color-coordinating a garage door with your home is easy with our Garage Door Designer tool, which allows you to visualize what your dream garage door will look like on a picture of your home before you commit.

fire doors model-700
Impression Model 7800 with vertical long panels in oak

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Bringing interior elements outdoors is a modern trend that most homeowners feel is giving their outdoor space new life. Build a patio space in your backyard fit for grilling and outdoor picnics with the family, or construct a deck or porch that wraps around the entire home for the perfect place to relax with a cool drink and a good book. Research a builder that will design these renovations in a way that looks natural and fits within the structure of your current home. Or, do a DIY patio for a more affordable change using pavers, awnings, and stylish patio furnishings.

Be sure to have your outdoor living space reflect your hobbies too! If you like to cook or grill, add an outdoor kitchen space fit for a chef. If your family is active and enjoys sports, set up an area in your yard for activities or design an inground pool. Or, utilize your garage as a patio space or functional workspace. Garages are easily adaptable spaces that are often misused for storage. Invest in a screen door that fits within your garage door frame to turn it into an outdoor seating area to enjoy dinner with friends and family, or to work on a few projects you’ve been putting off. Renovating areas of your home that just need reorganization and cleaning is a low cost way to further build the value of your home. Investing in new elements for the exterior of your home will also bring high value, but be sure they fit into your budget plan.

Regardless of if you are just making a few upgrades to your home, or are looking for things to improve before selling, consider these options, as they are sure to make a big impact both for yourself and potential buyers.

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