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Blending a 1960’s Home with Modern Innovation:

Atelier Davis Design Collaboration with The Overhead Door™ Brand

Nestled amid the vibrant foliage of Atlanta’s Buckhead community lies an architectural gem revitalized by Jessica Davis. As the visionary behind hardware company Nest Studio and multi-faceted design studio Atelier Davis Design, Jessica breathes life into everything she touches; from residential and hospitality interiors to furniture and landscape design. When Jessica and her family transitioned from their Victorian abode in New York to their mid-century modern Atlanta home, a canvas was set for a collaboration with Overhead Door™ Brand.

The Davis Family's Architectural Journey

Jessica and her husband Scott’s journey through the world of architectural homes has been nothing short of diverse – including an elegant Tudor in L.A. and a Dutch colonial in New Jersey. However, Jessica’s penchant for modern design aesthetics had her heart set on finding a home with sleek lines, a profusion of glass and an immersive indoor-outdoor connection. In 2018, with a move to Atlanta on the horizon due to Scott’s profession, the couple happened upon the 3,000-square-foot single-story beauty across two verdant acres in the heart of Buckhead. The house, designed in 1960 by the lauded architect Jerry Cooper, instantly resonated with Jessica’s vision.

The Altelier Davis Design Studio was both excited and determined to preserve the inherent charm of the L-shaped post-and-beam home while introducing unexpected new-age twists. Enter the Modern Aluminum Model 521 from Overhead Door™ Brand.

When Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Durability

Jessica’s goal was to honor Jerry Cooper’s architectural essence while ensuring the residence catered to an updated, family-friendly gathering place. Overhead Door™ Brand’s Model 521 did just that, proving functionality and style aren’t mutually exclusive.

Model 521’s diverse range of finishes and custom options ensured Jessica could successfully design a garage door to match her new home’s distinct aesthetic look. Installed by Overhead Door Company of Atlanta™️, the garage door’s solid aluminum panels with impact frosted polycarbonate glass enhances the home’s airy ambiance.

An Inspired Collaboration, A Timeless Result

The end result? The full-view garage door is transformed from a mere functional element into an art piece, enhancing the curb appeal of the Davis family’s residence.

Jessica’s collaboration with Overhead Door™ Brand is a testament to how two worlds - historical charm and modern innovation - can beautifully coalesce.

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