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Door Operator Safety, Security & Battery Back-Up​​

RSX Fire Door Operator 

Have you heard about our RSX® Fire Door Operator? With a fully integrated door release capability and a 24-hour battery backup, this unique operator allows for additional protection in the event of a power loss. Further, there are a variety of mounting options available to fit most applications such as rolling steel doors and sectional doors. 

commercial fire door operatorThere's no manual intervention required to reset the operator after a fire alarm or drop test. In fact, the door may be motor operated manually upon reset of the fire alarm signal and test key switch, which makes it perfect for commercial use. 

Approved for use in hazardous locations in both the United States and Canada, it is also Factory Manual (FM) approved in the United States. You can purchase the RSX® Fire Door Operator through an authorized Overhead Door Distributor or by visiting our website. 

We are constantly looking to add valuable tools to our commercial portfolio, and the addition of the RSX® Fire Door Operator fits the bill. Architects can find specifications to support their projects and commercial door compatibility charts on Architects Corner.


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