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Why You Should Consider an Insulated Garage Door

Residential Insulated Garage Doors

Why an Insulated Garage Door?

With the garage usually being the primary entrance to the home and with living space often above or beside it, it's best to keep the temperature in the garage as comfortable as possible. Other things to consider is that an insulated door is generally quieter and has a more attractive interior than a non-insulated door.

Different Levels of Garage Door Insulation

You can choose a garage door with varying degrees of insulation to best fit your needs. The effectiveness of the insulation is expressed as an R-value, the higher the R-value the better the insulation in the door. For instance, Thermacore​® Insulated Garage Doors​ offer high levels of insulation against extreme temperatures and have an R-value up to 17.5​.

Garage Door Insulation by Region

The amount of insulation you need in your garage door depends on your region. Always take into consideration the climate of the region you live in. If you live in an area that has extreme cold temperatures in the winter months and hot temperatures in the summer months then getting an insulated garage door could make a lot of sense. 

To learn more about the amount of insulation needed for your garage door talk to your nearest Overhead Door Company​​​