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Your Website Still Matters

SEO Basics for your Website

​Why You Need a Comprehensive Approach to Lead Generation

When you're a small to medium sized business, it can be difficult to keep up with every little thing you should be doing to generate the leads you need. It's not uncommon for small businesses to throw in the towel and rely solely on marketing methods like Facebook fan pages or Yelp reviews to keep their name out there for prospective leads. And though it's definitely necessary to consider the impact of social media and reputation management sites like these, neither of them are a substitute for a true website. ​

The fact is, you need a comprehensive approach to lead generation—one that includes things like Facebook and Yelp, but also an actual website. According to a recent article, 63% of consumers use websites to find or engage with businesses. While social media is certainly on the rise, you cannot afford to ignore the fact that more than half of all consumers rely on websites to get the information they need about your business to make a purchasing decision. 

While a Facebook page may be easier—and seemingly cheaper—to manage than a website, users view this as a snapshot of your business; when they want to really delve in about an significant expense like a garage door replacement or repair, they want something more reliable, trustworthy, and content-focused. In fact, research companies YP and LSA recently found that 30% of consumers won't even consider a business at all if they can't find a website for it. These days, a website isn't just about information, it's about legitimacy. Customers relying on social media alone for their web presence may lose a lot of ready-to-buy leads to their more internet savvy competitors. 

Is a website the end-all be-all of lead generation? No. you should definitely strive for a digital marketing approach that integrates websites with smart paid search tactics, social media, reputation management (Yelp), and content production like blogging. By providing your prospective customers with more information and a fuller picture of your business, they're much more likely to trust your expertise and capabilities, and that much more likely to choose you as the place where they'll spend their money.​ ​​

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  Published: July 13, 2017