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Home Makeover: Influencer Edition

At Overhead Door™ Brand, one of our favorite things to see is unique door solutions that perfectly enhance a home’s curb appeal. Thanks to a wide range of customizable and easily-obtainable options, we find that any homeowner can let their inner designer shine. Last year, we worked with two influential homeowners, a Hollywood actor and a hugely successful interior designer, to create the finishing touches on their new homes by upgrading to an Overhead Door™ garage door that complements their aesthetic and unique style.

Spanish-Style Living with the Baldoni’s

Justin Baldoni with his first Overhead Door™ Modern Aluminum garage door.

When it comes to providing high-quality garage doors, we're the experts! Justin Baldoni, best known for playing "Rafael" on The CW's award-winning phenomenon, "Jane the Virgin," knew he could trust Overhead Door™ Brand to deliver reliable garage doors— again. In 2019, we partnered with Justin and his wife Emily to transform the curb appeal of his home with the Modern Aluminum model 521. They have since moved to Ojai, California, but needed to upgrade the existing garage door to better complement the style of their new home.

Justin’s new home is what he likes to call "a slice of heaven." When the Baldonis moved to a ranch in Ojai, one of the first things they wanted to do was upgrade their outdated garage door with something fresh and beautiful that would match the aesthetic appeal of their new Spanish-style home. According to K. Hovnanian Homes, a Spanish-style home is identifiable by its uniformity and minimal embellishments along with a smooth stucco, adobe or stone exterior.

To accomplish their goals, the Baldonis connected with the Overhead Door™ Brand to find the perfect match for this style while providing a refreshing and modern look. The problem with their existing garage door was that it appeared dull in color and didn’t allow for any light to come into the space.

    The Baldoni family with their new door.

After browsing Overhead Door™ Brand's residential garage doors, it didn't take long to find exactly what they were looking for in their replacement project search. Capturing the handmade artistry that combines the classic swing-open appearance and detailing of carriage house wood doors, they selected Signature® Carriage Wood Doors to complement the style of their new home. This door is part of the Villa Madre Series and known for its romantic lines and distinguished flare of old-world estates. They designed a model 570 Castille Grooved door with two-pane arched top windows, featuring clear glass and a custom stain to appeal to the exact aesthetic that best fits their home's exterior design.

   The Baldoni’s doors before and after with the Signature® Carriage Collection.

Justin Baldoni said, “When we remodeled our new home, we wanted a garage door to reflect the current style. Overhead Door™ Brand had exactly what we were looking for and knew we could depend on their service once again which they delivered. ”

Special thanks to Overhead Door Company of The Southerland™ for the great work on the installation.

Contemporary Upgrade for a 30-Year-Old Home 

When world-renowned interior decorator Deirdre Sanders set out to replace her garage door in her new home in Huntsville, Alabama, she turned to the garage door experts at the Overhead Door™ Brand. Deirdre knew that she wanted to make a contemporary update to refresh the 30-year-old outdated exterior of her new home.

    Deirdre Sanders’ previous garage door.

As Deirdre browsed the Overhead Door™ Brand website, she had a few things on her wishlist. First, Deirdre wanted a door to fit the style of her home without it being too modern. Second, she wanted a practical and durable door to withstand anything her kids would throw at it – especially since there is a basketball hoop nearby. Third, the door should be sturdy and built to last with thick glass windows and excellent thermal performance. With all things considered, we knew exactly what she needed and partnered with Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™ to provide expert installation and impeccable service.

   Deirdre Sanders’ new Impression Steel Collection® door.

The Impression Steel Collection® is an aesthetically versatile garage door collection that would add just the right amount of contemporary touch to Deirdres’ home. She chose model 5800 for its large sections and selected Stockbridge four-pane windows with satin-etched glass to provide a dramatic and classy effect. To achieve the ultimate modern yet classic look, she went with custom black paint, a trending color option that is taking off across the country. Best of all, the steel door is durable and tough and, with occasional maintenance, should last Deirdre years to come. Plus, the door features foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation for maximum thermal efficiency, making it the ideal choice to keep her home comfortable throughout the seasons.

Deirdre Sanders says, “I am pleased with the quality and the garage door has been wonderful. They were able to provide me with the exact design I envisioned for my home. It's clear why Overhead Door™ Brand is considered one of the most trusted brands for garage doors and garage door openers.”

Are you ready for a modern update like Justin Baldoni and Deirdre Sanders? With more than 450 distributors nationwide and over 100 years of experience in garage doors, the Overhead Door™ Brand is ready to serve your garage door and opener needs. Contact your nearest Red Ribbon distributor and get started on making your home design dreams a reality.

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