WindStorm™ Garage Doors

Transforming your garage door into a wind-rated door doesn’t mean sacrificing the curb appeal and beauty you have come to expect from Overhead Door™ garage doors. Our industry-leading wind-rated garage doors are the pinnacle of high-wind protection and stylish designs. As the largest point of entry, your garage door offers the largest opportunity for high-pressure havoc. When high winds hit, a reinforced garage door is one of your home’s most important safeguards against nature’s fury.

Because garage doors are so large, pressure from hurricane activity or high winds can cause garage doors to detach from their tracks or even collapse. If your door fails, then damaging, life-threatening winds can enter, blowing out doors, windows, walls and the roof. Couple this with exterior debris, such as signs, roofing materials and siding, and lives could be jeopardized.

That’s why the Overhead Door™ brand created an exclusive line of innovative wind-load garage doors, fashioned to withstand nature’s power and keep your family, employees and possessions safe. Our wind-load options for residential, commercial and industrial applications provide superior craftsmanship, durability and trouble-free performance and additional protection against hurricanes, hind-wind damages, internal and external pressure changes and wind-borne debris.

golden oak arched insulated garage doors

WindStorm™ - Model 5745 & 5765

gray insulated garage door

WindStorm™ - Model 7565

black traditional steel garage door

Traditional Steel Collection

beach wood wood grain garage door

Thermacore® Insulated Collection