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RHX® Explosion Proof Operator

​​explosion proof door operator ​ ​​​​​​

​​​​​The RHX® Explosion-Proof commercial operators are Factory Mutual (FM) approved for use in hazardous locations in the United States and Canada.  These heavy duty operators feature a wide variety of mounting options for sectional and rolling steel doors and provide reliable operation for the most stringent applications. ​



Motors rated for use in hazardous locations.

All models come standard with dynamic braking.​​​​

True heavy duty gear head design
This system’s primary drive reduction is via worm gear running in oil bath, which provides reliable operation.​

Voltage freedom
Single phase models provide for 115/208/230V in one unit, and 208/230/460V three phase in another unit.

UL325-2010-Compliant momentary contact close
Requires addition of monitored external entrapment device to operate with momentary contact in the close direction.

On-Board Open/Close/Stop Switch
Allows door operation from control panel during installation and service.

Diagnostic LEDs
Visual indicators allow for easy configuration and service of operator.

Limit Overrun
Provides overrun adjustment from the lower limit to fine tune the door seal to the floor.

Timed Close
Enables door to automatically close after user-defined time delay between two seconds to four minutes.​


RHX® Explosion-Proof Advantages

​​Agency Approval​
RHX® Explosion-Proof operators are Factory Mutual approved for use in hazardous areas in the United States and Canada.

FM approved applications:

  • Class I Division I Group D
  • Class II Division I Groups F and G

Intrinsically Safe
A wide variety of mounting options are available to fit most any application including:

Sectional Doors: Standard, side mount, and dual trolley applications. All models come standard with a dynamic brake system. Side-mount and center-mount chain couple or direct couple to the door shaft with hoist. Hoist models are left or right hand adjustable in the field.

Rolling Steel Doors: With hoist, front of hood, top of hood, bench mount, and wall-mount applications. Hoist models are left or right hand adjustable in the field.

Hazardous area rated motor standard. Hoist unit motors available in ½ horsepower single phase, 1 horsepower three phase and 3 horsepower three phase. Trolley models available in ½ horsepower single phase, and 1 horsepower three phase configurations.

Drive reduction
Primary reduction is worm gear running in oil bath. Secondary reduction is by chain and sprocket.

Direct coupling (optional on sectional doors only)
Provides fast, easy installation and prevents chain slacking. Available as an optional kit for sectional side/center mount and hoist units. For sectional, options include:

  • 14 RPM kit
  • 26 RPM kit

Timed Close
Doors can be set to automatically close after an elapsed timer expires. Delay can be adjusted from two seconds to four minutes.

Maximum Run Timer
Operator shuts down automatically when running time exceeds the time required to run between the limits plus five seconds.

Clutch (standard with trolley; optional with hoist)
Adjustable disc-type helps protect door and operator from major damage should the door meet an obstruction. (Included in 14 and 26 RPM direct couple mounting kits).

Cycle counter
Indicates the exact number of cycles logged for easy maintenance support.

Adjustable shaft
Output shaft of the optional direct coupling kits can be moved from one side to the other, providing flexible installation options.

Trolley rail assembly
High strength 2 inch structural angle for added strength and durability.

Limited Warranty
RHX® operator features a 2-year limited warranty. See installation manual for complete limitations and details.​​


Accessories for RHX® Explosion Proof Operators

  • timer to close module 

    Bottom Sensing Edge

  • key-switches 

    Key Switches

  • door-interlock-switches 

    Door Interlock Switches

  • Push button Switches 

    Push button Switches

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