EverGuard™ Forced Entry Shelter Door - 610FE Model 610FE

EverGuard™ Forced Entry Shelter Door - 610FE Model 610FE

When safety and protection of property is a priority, Model 610FE withstands the tough requirements for commercial applications. Model 610FE is ballistics rated for .22 LR - .38 special (NIJ 0108.01) and meets the requirements for up to 30 minutes of forced entry per ASTM F3038-21.


Product Specifications 
Standard Max Width16'
Standard Max Height16'
Curtain12-gauge galvanized steel
Hood24-gauge galvanized steel
Standard mountingFace-of-wall
OperationRSX® service door operator
Standard Spring10,000 cycle
GuidesThree steel angles
​Bottom BarDouble angle steel
​Forced Entry ASTM F3038-21Up to 30 minutes
Obstruction detectionWireless reversing edge
Ballistics Rating.22 LR - .38 special (NIJ0108.01)
Slat Profile

C-600 slat - a curved slat profile that measures 6"(152 mm) in height and 1 3/8" in depth. Slats can be replaced quickly, minimizing downtime.

C600 heavy duty door slat option


  • 3-Year Limited; 10K Cycle limited on door system

Standard Exterior Color

  • gray color swatch


Powder Coat Color Options

PowderGuard® Premium powder coat options are available in approximately 200 colors as well as custom matching to specification.

Powder Guard Coat Colors

Door Options

  • Galvanized steel bottom bar and angles
  • PowerGuard® Weathered finishes to provide a thicker, more scratch resistant coat for added protection
  • Mount Type; Bench, Top or Wall Mount


  • Photo eyes for additional obstruction detection
  • Motion Detector
  • Loop Detector
  • Horns and strobes
  • Key Switch
  • Pull Station
  • Additional Push Button Stations
  • Transmitter

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