EverServe™ Springless Security Grille - 671s Model 671S

EverServe™ Springless Security Grille - 671s Model 671S

​EverServe™ Grille Model 671S is built with a springless design for continued, reliable operation and advanced cycle life. The high strength curtain made from galvanized steel links and solid rods provide advanced durability and security. This upward coiling security grille allows maximized air movement and visibility, while also featuring universal components to increase the ease of serviceability.

Advantages of a springless rolling security grille
The EverServe™ Grille platform is an industry leading, performance driven solution to enhance our Rolling Security Grille product line. The EverServe™ Grille system provides customers with high cycle performance, security, durability, maximized air movement and visual access while delivering a reliable system, minimizing downtime with ease of serviceability. The springless design builds on the proven construction of the Overhead Door™ Rolling Security Grille line, adding significant enhancements to provide 15 times the standard cycle life.


Product Specifications
Standard Max Width up to 30' (9144 mm) depending on gauge and slat type
Standard Max Height up to 14'4" (4369 mm) depending on gauge and slat type
Curtain Material Galvanized steel links and solid rods with mill aluminum spacer tube
Curtain Pattern Straight lattice 9" center vertical links with 2" center rod spacing
Door Roll Directly driven, springless roll with integral shaft; Self-aligning greaseable sealed bearings; Door does not require counterbalance device
High Usage Guides Three structural steel angles with UHMW wear strips and PowderGuard® Premium powder coat finish in black
Hood 24-gauge galvanized steel primed black; Matching motor and end cover provided
Bottom Bar Tubular extruded aluminum with mill finish
Standard Mounting Interior or exterior face of wall
Operation Direct drive integrated gear/motor/brake assembly; Drive assembly and limit sensors are factory pre-assembled; Manual hand chain for power outage.
Horsepower appropriate to door size/weight; 230V AC 3-phase motor (operating range 208-245V)
Safety Features Built-in braking mechanism; Photoelectric safety sensors with commercial guards


  • 24 month, 300,000 cycles ​​​​

Powder Coat Color Options

PowderGuard® Premium powder coat options are available in approximately 200 colors as well as custom matching to specification.

Powder Guard Coat Colors

Door Options

  • Motor options*: Available for supply voltages 220-240V AC 1-phase; 440-480V AC or 575V AC 3-phase (both 440-480 and 575V AC require transformer).
  • Curtain Pattern: Brick 9" on center vertical links with 2" on center rods spacing
  • Curtain Material: Mill aluminum link, galvanized steel solid rod, with mill aluminum spacer tube; Clear anodized aluminum link, galvanized steel solid rod, and clear anodized aluminum spacer tube; #4 or #2B stainless steel link, solid rod, and spacer tube and PowderGuard® Premium finish.
  • Guides: PowderGuard® Premium finish, PowderGuard® Zinc or Textured finish
  • Hood: PowderGuard® Premium or PowderGuard® Textured finish; stainless steel with #4 brush finish; anodized or mill finish aluminum
  • Safety Devices: Monitored electric sensing edge; additional set of photoelectric sensors
  • Control Panel: IP65 (NEMA 4/4X equivalent) control panel
  • Actuators: Push buttons, loop detectors, radio control, motion detectors or any combination thereof available for door operation/control

*If the voltage is too low a transformer may be needed. Larger doors may not be available with 1-phase power. Consult factory for information.