Dock Accessories Essentials

Dock Accessories Essentials

Outfit your dock with essential accessories so the loading process is safe and efficient: lights, fans, bumpers, track guards, trailer chocks.


Increase safety at the loading dock with dock lights that provide energy efficient illumination the inside the trailer. Movable arms have a 40" reach and position the lights as needed or completely out of the way. The rugged polycarbonate housing and electric components of these lights are designed to withstand impacts and the rigors of the loading dock. Choice of the sturdy dual arm or single arm for vertical and horizontal adjustability. Add a fan to help keep workers comfortable when it's warm.

dock light accessory specification chart

Bumpers - Mechanical Pit Leveler & Edge of Dock

Laminated bumpers protect your dock using recycled ply-type truck tire sections secured with 3/4" steel bar. Constructed with heavy duty 3/8" steel angles at the anchoring location to dock. Select from a range of dimensions and vertical styles to accommodate your application. Steel faced bumpers provide more impact and abrasion protection with a 3/8" steel face.

mechanical pit leveler chart

edge of dock bumpers specification chart

Track Guards

Colored in safety yellow for visibility, these 48" tall track guards are designed to protect door tracks from impacts by forklift and pallet movers without interfering with the door operation. Choice of 3/16" or 1/4" steel construction with floor and wall mounting. Top taper helps reduce hand pinching. Also available in a floor-only mount style.

track guard specification chart


For the best protection, use 2 chocks per loading dock position and fit snuggly under the tires for holding power. Molded chock (7" x 9" x 7") is constructed of solid, durable rubber for stability and long life. The aluminum chock (7" x 11" x 8") has a claw-like bottom to grip a variety of surface conditions. The heavy duty, zinc plated chain resists corrosion and attaches to the chock to discourage chock misplacement.

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