Edge of Dock Leveler E66R & E72R

Edge of Dock Leveler E66R & E72R

Smooth Building-To-Truck Transition

  • Designed to minimize bumps, gaps and damage to cargo and material handling equipment
  • Reduces shocks and jolts to workers
  • Facilitates fast movement of material handling equipment and forklifts

Easy and Safe Deployment

  • Handle is easy to push/pull for comfortable and fast operation
  • Handle range of motion keeps workers in a comfortable position
  • Reduces bumps and trip hazards on deck and lip

Durable Design and Finish

  • Rugged construction of lip and deck hinge provides durability for years of service
  • Lip hinge sheds debris minimizing trapping and grinding between the lip deck junction causing fatigue
  • Textured powder coat finish provides better traction for safety and helps to increase productivity. This durable finish also provides better corrosion protection and adhesion compared to wet paint
  • Compliant with ANSI MH30.1-2022 which includes rigorous load testing requirements

Environmentally Friendly

  • Compared to paint, our powder coat process has major environmental advantages

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Quick Unloading on a Smooth Path

  • Smooth path allows forklift to move quickly over the leveler without bumps or jolts
  • Optimized lip bevel provides a smooth roll over path from the trailer to the leveler

Easy-to-Use and Ergonomic

  • Handle is quick and easy for workers to push/pull with a convenient built-in-storage receptacle and is tethered so it never gets lost

Ultimate Safety

  • Minimal bumps or gaps on deck/lip for workers to trip over
  • Proprietary powder coat formulation is textured to provide enhanced traction and non-slip protection. This is also helpful in wet or rainy conditions where non-textured surfaces can become slippery and dangerous or dangerous when wet
  • Handle range of motion keeps workers in a comfortable position to help prevent injuries
  • The edge of dock automatically returns to stored position to prevent hazardous conditions

Durability, Low Maintenance, Low Downtime

  • Heavy duty multi-lug construction sheds debris instead of trapping/grinding it between the lip/deck junction and causing fatigue and maintenance issues
  • Factory-applied powder coat material for increased durability and corrosion resistance compared to paint

Environmentally Friendly

  • Our powder coat process has minimal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and solvents
  • Overspray is recycled which reduces waste disposal issues compared to a paint process
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends powder coatings as a sustainable coating option

Serviceability and Installation

  • Field serviceable with easy to reach adjusters for springs and kicker bar
  • Serviceable lip and hinge pin can be removed without breaking welds
  • Service brace is easy to reach under the leveler and tethered so it never gets lost
  • Grease fittings to lubricate deck hinge for smooth operation
E66R66"20,000 Ibs.
30,000 Ibs.
E72R72"20,000 Ibs.
30,000 Ibs.
Molded bumpers
Bumper boxes
15" lip  
17" lip 
Lip bevel 
Auto return to store
Self storing handle
Service brace
Safety tread on deck and lip
Working range 3" above/below dock