​​​​Fire Sentinel​

​​​​Fire Sentinel​

The adjustable alarm time delay is factory set at 10 seconds but can be adjusted using a dipswitch to change the time for anywhere between 10-60 seconds. The auxiliary 24v DC output can be used to activate additional power devices. The Fire Sentinel comes with back-up power to avoid automatic closure during power failures. It has an ADA sounder/strobe warning before the door closes to alert people that the door is about to close. The fail-to-close safety timer gives you additional assurance of the maximum possible closure. The device will cause the door to stop if there is an obstruction in its pathway. The floor-level trouble indicator provides a visual indication of trouble from the floor.

The Fire Sentinel can be used with these commercial fire-rated doors: 630 , 631, 634, 635, 640, 641, 660, 661, or 662.


  • Floor-level testing, reset and trouble indication available for ease of operation
  • Intelligent operation feature recognizes when the door is closed, inhibits release to eliminate time-consuming resets and
  • prevents damage to the door release mechanism**
  • Available in 120V AC or 24V DC for motorized or non-motorized doors
  • Battery back-up provides extra protection in the event of a power loss (FSBX and FSCX models)
  • Diagnostic capabilities via LED status lights confirm the operation of the unit
  • 10-second time-delay on alarm (up to 60-seconds optional) as allowed by Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Optional alarm on power loss provides additional safety measure (FSBX and FSCX models)
  • Relay contact outputs can be utilized to indicate active alarm and troubles
  • Sounder/strobe alarm available (standard on FSCX model)
  • UL 864 and NFPA® 72 compliant
  • Compatible with UL 325 complaint operators - maintains stop on obstruction option†

* As defined by NFPA® 80.
** For non-motorized doors, this feature requires a proximity switch.
† Available on FSCX models only.

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