RMZ Commercial Door Operator Z Series

RMZ Commercial Door Operator Z Series

The new Z Series RMZ Hoist is designed for high or full-lift sectional and rolling doors that have a limited duty cycle requirement. Advanced features and robust mechanical design combine to provide a mediumduty operator that is the new standard in the industry.

  • LimitLock® electro-mechanical limits.
  • Max run timer automatically adjusts to up and down run time.
  • SuperBelt® self-tensioning primary drive reduction
  • Delay on reverse.
  • 16-character LCD display.
  • UL 325 Listed.
  • 3-button control station.
  • 2-year/20,000-cycle warranty.
  • Programmable mid-stop.
  • Right or left hand emergency hoist models available for manual operation.
  • Built-in cycle count and trouble-shooting assistance via LCD display.


Product Specifications 
Motor1/2 HP, 120 VAC capacitor start/run motor. Motor replaceable without changing limits. Thermally protected.
Brake24 VDC disc brake.
  • Primary — SuperBelt® auto tensioning poly-V J belt.
  • Secondary — chain and sprocket reduction.
Friction ClutchAdjustable clutch to help protect against door and operator damage.
Emergency Hoist Manual OperationPull cord release with manual chain hoist.
Pre-wired to Accept
  • Monitored entrapment devices
  • Single or 3-button control stations.
  • External interlock switches.


Accessories & Options

Timer Close Module

Timer close set via the LCD display from 2 seconds up to 5 minutes. Includes pre-close warning contacts, timer hold input, auxiliary open input, normally closed safety input, and T3 monitored edge input. (P/N: OPABTCX.S)

Auxiliary Output Module

Provides relay contacts at the open, close, and mid-stop limits. Contacts for 5-minute lamp, and “ADA” contacts set via LCD display to warn during opening, closing or both. (P/N: OPABIOX.S)

Edge Sensing Module

Input allows connection of a T3 monitored safety edge. When advanced timer close features are required, use the Timer Close Module. (P/N: OPABESX.S)

Friction ClutchUL 325 Approved Reversing Devices

The installation of a monitored external entrapment device is required for momentary contact close operation on all commercial door operators. Only the following devices, when purchased through Overhead Door Corporation, are UL approved for use to meet this requirement:

  • Safe-T-Beam® Photocell kit with adjustable bracket P/N: 38176R.S 1
  • Impact-protected Commercial Photocell Kit P/N: OPAKPE2.S
  • NEMA 4X Photocells P/N: OPAKRPEN4GX.S
  • Retro Reflective NEMA 4X Photocells P/N:OPRAKRPEN4X.S
  • Monitored Light Curtains - 3’ P/N: OPAKMLC3.S 6’ P/N: OPAKMLC6.S
  • Light curtain mounting brackets (6 total) P/N: 112809.0001.S
  • MillerEdge ME/MT/CPT (DC or T3) 2-wire edge sensor. Must be used with TCM (OPABTCX.S), ESM (OPABESX.S), or Interface Module (OPAKMEIX.S).