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​​Security and Convenience On-The-Go

2-Button LED Flashlight Remote​​

The Overhead Door™ brand has introduced our 2-Button LED Flashlight garage door remote to provide homeowners with added security and convenience. The built-in powerful LED flashlight has been tested at 30 lumens to shed light up to approximately 50 feet, while running on a single AAA battery.

2-Button LED Flashlight garage door remote​​​

​​The bright light supplies homeowners with a convenient way to light up their walk back to the car, keep in hand for a night-time run or navigate their way through a dark garage. Once the button is pressed, the flashlight stays on until automatically shutting off after four minutes. The remote also comes with an 18” lanyard with a trigger snap clasp tested for up to 50 lb. of force, reducing the chance of breakage during physical activities.


​​An additional security benefit of the 2-Button LED Flashlight Remote involves its small size. The transmitter is designed to fit into a purse, pocket or backpack, encouraging homeowners to carry the remote with them instead of clipping it to a windshield visor.​​

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