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LED Light Bulbs For Your Garage Door Opener

What type of light bulb should you be using in your garage door opener? Have you ever wondered what having an LED light bulb could do for your garage? Look no further, because we have just introduced our first ever LED light bulb – specifically made for garage door openers. 

Limiting operational interference

​Most LED light bulbs interfere with garage door openers, limiting the range of the opener’s remote controls. However, our new LED light bulb has a unique design that shields the transmission of its energy waves from the radio frequency that goes between the remote and the opener. This means that our LED bulb is radio frequency friendly, allowing customers to open their garage door without experiencing operational issues. 

“Traditional LED light bulbs are becoming increasingly popular for use in garages, but many of them can unexpectedly cause the opener’s remote control to have decreased operating range” said Heather Meiner, brand manager for Overhead Door Corporation. “We’re thrilled to introduce our LED bulb because it will help ensure your opener and remote perform at their best, no matter what brand of garage door opener you have.” 

 Handles Tough Conditions in the Garage

Our LED light bulb is also designed and manufactured to handle the tough conditions garage doors often experience. It is shatter and vibration resistant, and is able to withstand 5G of shaking force, which is far more than the normal vibration from a garage door system. 

Additionally, a garage is often cold and damp, which can affect how long a light bulb lasts. However, our LED light bulb is made to withstand up to -30°C (-22°F), as well as many damp areas throughout a garage. 


Long Lasting Lighting and more energy savings

Finally, our LED light bulb provides optimal lighting at a low cost. While it has 800 lumens of brightness, our light bulb only uses 10 watts of power. Depending on local utility rates, that means that the annual cost can be as little as $1.07 per year and the lifespan can be about 25,000 hours for normal use. 

Where can you buy a light bulb for your garage door opener? 

​To purchase a replacement light bulb for your garage door opener, you can contact your local Overhead Door™ Distributor​, an authorized company for all of your Overhead Door™ garage door opener products.​​​

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