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Mechanical Pit Leveler

The Overhead Door™ Mechanical Pit Leveler excels in safety and efficiency, offering a seamless transition between building and truck. Its installer-friendly design ensures easy and safe installation, while the durable structure guarantees longevity. Ergonomically optimized for effortless operation, it also focuses on safety with its non-slip surface. 

This leveler stands out for its eco-friendly attributes and is engineered for simple serviceability, embodying a blend of robust construction, user-centric design, and environmental consciousness.

Mechanical Pit Leveler Features:

  • Installer Friendly
  • Durable Design
  • Smooth Transition
  • Ergonomic
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Installation and Serviceability

Overhead Door™ Tech Support:1-800-929-4692



Installer Friendly

  • Fast, safe install with height adjusters operated while standing on building floor-no need for installer to be under leveler and no shimming/welding needed in rear of pit
  • Adjusters quickly position the dock level with the building floor
  • Improved safety — the installer is never under the leveler
  • Levelers ship with four steel fork loops bolted to the deck, which improves stability when lifting from a truck. The loops help with forklift placement into a pit from inside or outside the building, and helps to minimize levelers sliding while stacked on top of each other
  • Cut outs identify weld points to the curb angle for faster installation
  • Lifter arm is mounted to the rear of the frame instead of sitting on pit floor. No need to shim or weld under the lifter arm

Durable Design and Finish

  • Base frame is open all the way to the rear of the pit for easy access with no cross beams or places to trap debris
  • C-channel beams create a strong deck structure and allows moisture to dry
  • Deck design eliminates the transition angle which is a frequent repair on many levelers
  • Deck hinge is fully supported across the entire width of the deck to enhance long term durability
  • Durable textured powder coat finish
  • Compliant with ANSI MH30.1-2022

Smooth Building-To-Truck Transition

  • Designed with an optimized beveled lip to reduce bumps and damage to cargo and material handling equipment
  • Reduces shocks and jolts to workers by creating a level pathway
  • Facilitates fast movement of material handling equipment and forklifts

Easy-to-Use and Ergonomic

  • Release chain for deck operation is user friendly and easy to pull
  • The hold down is easy to operate
  • Leveler is well-balanced for quick, easy articulation and automatically maintains positive lip contact with trailer movements
  • The snubber chain and maintenance brace are positioned at side edges allowing easy access to the pit for maintenance and cleaning

Safety Focus

  • Installers are never under the pit
  • Minimal bumps or gaps on deck/lip reduce trip hazards for workers
  • Proprietary powder coat formulation on deck and lip surfaces is textured to provide enhanced traction and non-slip protection even when wet

Durability, Low Maintenance, Low Downtime

  • Heavy duty multi-lug construction of the lip hinge. The design helps shed debris instead of trapping/grinding it between the lip/deck junction that can cause fatigue and maintenance issues. The lug construction also allows for easy lubrication of the hinge.
  • Deck hinge is fully supported across the entire width of the deck, which spreads the load across the width of the deck instead of concentrating the load on just a few hinge points
  • Durable textured powder coat provides an extremely durable finish, better corrosion protection and adhesion compared to wet paint
  • Complies with ANSI MH30.1-2022 that includes rigorous load testing requirements

Environmentally Friendly

  • Our powder coat process has fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and solvents compared to paint
  • Overspray is recycled which reduces waste disposal issues compared to a traditional paint process
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends powder coatings as a sustainable coating option

Installation and Servicability

  • Open base frame creates generous space for service along the full length of the leveler, including the rear which is the most difficult area to reach for cleaning and a common collection point for debris
  • Leveler main springs are tightened/loosened with one adjustment point conveniently located on lift arm
  • Field serviceable with easy to reach adjuster for main spring
  • Serviceable lip and hinge pin can be removed without breaking welds
  • Maintenance brace is easy to reach under the leveler and is tethered so it never gets lost. Brace holds leveler up by the deck to allow lip maintenance
  • Grease fittings to lubricate deck hinge for smooth operation
  • Leveler ships with four forklift lifting loops bolted to deck, allowing leveler to be lifted from the front or rear for easy transport and placement in the pit

35,000 and 45,000 lbs.
6' W x 8' L
Laminated Bumpers
410-14 W1

Laminated Upgraded Bumpers
410-14 W2, 412-14 W1/W2,
610-14 W1/W2
V420-11 W1/W2, V620-11 W1/W2,
V624-11 W1/W2

Steel Face Bumpers
410-14 SF W1/W2,
610-14 SF W1/W2

Hold Down A/R
Working Range 12" Above/Below Dock
Gray Powder Coat

​16" Lip

​18" & 20" Lip

Lip Keepers

​Lip Bevel

​Safety Legs
​Maintenance Brace
Safety Tread on Deck and Lip
​Toe Guards: Working Range
​Toe Guards: Full Operating Range
Reinforced Lifting Bolt Holes in Deck (4)

Steel Lifting Loops (Bolt to Deck) (4)

Weather Seal: Brush

Weather Seal: Neoprene

Chain Hole Brush Seals (2)

1-Year Limited Warranty; 2-Year Limited Warranty when Overhead Door™ brand door and Mechanical Pit Leveler purchased together.

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