RLD™ Trolley Operator Light Duty Trolley

RLD™ Trolley Operator Light Duty Trolley

The RLD™ Trolley for sectional doors is designed for standard-lift doors that have up to a 12-cycle/hour and less than a 30-cycle/day requirement. Designed for reliability with leading innovative features, the light-duty trolley sets a new standard in the industry.

  • Easy push to set limits
  • UL 325 Listed
  • Automatic open and close door force settings
  • Pull cord release for emergency manual operation
  • Max door height of 14 ft
  • Wired wall console included
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Commercial photocells
  • 7.5 in/sec door speed in both directions in most applicationss
    Can store up to 31 transmitters
MotorQuiet, powerful 140 VDC with usage-based thermal shutdown
DrivePrimary — Integrated worm gear in motor
Secondary — Internal chain and sprocket


Emergency DisconnectDraw bar arm disconnection for emergency manual operation
Pre-wired to accept
  • Single button control station
  • Monitored photoeyes
Amperage Rating120 VAC at 4 A
Power Cord6 ft, three prong power cord

UL 325 Listed

  • Allows for monitored entrapment protection and momentary operation when used with select monitored entrapment devices

​​RLD Jackshaft Advantages

  • Industry’s strongest 140 VDC motor
  • CodeDodger® dual frequency automatically adjusts between 315 and 390 MHz to help avoid remote control interference
  • DoorDetect® Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology - Operator force profile detects irregularities in operation of the door to identify unsafe door operation. The force profile is updated every cycle to account for changes in weather and temperature
  • Power on demand gives the operator the ability to adjust output power during key movements of the door’s travel to ensure a smooth and consistent movement.
  • Smart illumination lighting positions the 2-bulb lighting system towards the inside of the garage instead of at the door for light where its needed
  • Heavy-duty double c-channel rails allow for operation of heavy doors with minimal deflection of the door system
  • Sure-Lock™ Control allows for operator lock out when door operation isn’t required. Manually toggled feature on the wired wall console
  • Optional battery backup can be added at anytime
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