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How to Program​ Garage Door Openers to HomeLink®

Garage Door Opener Programming

Before we get started programming HomeLink®

In this video we will show you how to program your in-car Homelink® system to your Overhead Door®​ garage door opener. First, you'll need to identify the model of your garage door opener before using these instructions to program your opener to HomeLink®. It should be Destiny®, Odyssey®, or Legacy®​ 850. If you have another garage door opener model please refer to the written instructions on our HomeLink® programming pa​ge. The next important thing to do would be to identify the serial number (shown as S/N), which can be found on the back or front of opener depending on the model. The first 5 digits of the serial numbe​rs should be 11291 or greater. For any serial number smaller than 11291, please visit these HomeLink® programming instructions.

Step 1: If you press your chosen button and the LED light is red, then your remote is already set to program and you may skip the rest of step 1. If the LED light is green then hold the button you've chosen until both a red and green LED light are shown together. Once they are both lit, let go, and quickly press and release the chosen button twice. The next time you press it the light should be red. This signals that your 3 button remote is now ready to program to your HomeLink® system. 

Recap of Step 1 Above:

1. Press chosen button on remote, if red, skip step 1. If green then procede to number 2.
2. Hold button until both red and green LED lights are shown.
3. Once both lit, let go. 
4. Quickly press and release the button twice. ​
5. Press again - the light should be red. 
6. You're now ready to program HomeLink®

Step 2: Choose the HomeLink® button that you want to use to open your door. For the three button remote hold the same button you changed to the red LED for about 10 seconds. Once both the red and green LED lights are on and while continuing to hold the remote button down, press your HomeLink® button at the same time until the indicator light on HomeLink® blinks slow and then fast. Once it blinks fast, release ​both the remote and HomeLink® button. You are now ready to program your HomeLink® to your garage door opener. 

Recap of Step 2 Above:

1. Choose HomeLink® button you want to open door.
2. Hold button on garage door remote for 10 seconds. 
3. Remain holding, red and green LED lights will turn on.
4. While continuing to hold remote button, press the HomeLink® button you want programmed.
5. Hold both down until indicator light for HomeLink®​ blinks slow and then fast.
6. Once it blinks fast, release both buttons. 
7. Move on to next steps to program your HomeLink to garage door opener.

Programming HomeLink® to Your Garage Door Opener

Step 1: On the opener, press and hold the square program button until the round blue LED light comes on then release the button. The long LED light will flash purple.

Step 2: Press the desired HomeLink® button for one second and then release. Press that same button again for one second and release again. On the opener the long LED and the round LED light will both turn blue and then turn off. Pressing the HomeLink® button again will cause the garage door to move. HomeLink® has now been programmed for your Overhead Door garage door opener.​

Please note: If you cannot find your program button on the power head, see the Operation Manual.

*Homelink® is a registered trademark of Gentex Corporation.

Published: 2017



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