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​​​​​Rolling Sheet Doors​

storage doors

Self-Storage Doors

When your project requires an attractive and solidly constructed rolling sheet door that is also easy on your budget, Overhead Door™ rolling sheet doors are a perfect solution. These door systems incorporate innovative design elements that enable fast installation and ensure smooth operation for enhanced door life. Key features include quick-connect components that simplify installation without sacrificing strength. A single, through-hole universal guide can be installed quickly and easily in concrete, masonry, steel or wood — and it requires minimal sideroom. Stepped curtain rings further minimize headroom by ensuring a tight curtain wrap, and standard roller bearings eliminate steel-on-steel contact for quieter, easier operation and extended life. Available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit openings from 3' wide by 7' high to 20' wide by 16' high (914 mm by 2134 mm to 6096 mm by 4877 mm), these full-feature doors are an ideal choice when functionality is as important as value, quality and aesthetics.

​​Select a model to learn more.​​​​​​​

  • Rolling Steel Sheet Doors 770SS

    Model 770SS

    A lighter-duty self-storage door that installs quickly, operates dependably, and requires minimal maintenance.​

  • Rolling Steel Sheet Doors 780CD

    Model 780CD

    A medium-duty rolling sheet door for environments where a high wind load-rated door is not required.​

  • Rolling Steel Sheet Doors 790CW

    Model 790CW

    ​A versatile and economical rolling sheet door that can withstand high wind load conditions and fits openings up to 20' by 16'. ​

The 770SS rolling sheet door is ideal for lighter-duty self-storage facilities that require a quality door that installs quickly, operates dependably, and requires minimal maintenance.
The 780CD rolling sheet doors are designed for medium-duty usage environments where a high windload-rated door is not required.
The 790CW rolling sheet doors fit the job w​​hen your project requires a door that can handle high windload conditions, yet is attractive, versatile, and economical.​


Strong and Durable Construction for Improved Operation and Door Life

  • High-strength galvanized steel curtain enhances strength and maximizes wind load performance
  • Unique curtain profile facilitates smooth operation and minimizes curtain damage
  • Stepped rings allow tight, uniform curtain wrap and minimize headroom requirements
  • Abrasion resistant polypropylene webbing along both guide edges improve door operation, minimize curtain nesting and scratching
  • Bearings prevent steel-to-steel contact, improve door operation and increase door shaft life
  • Extruded aluminum-reinforced bottom bar assembly enhances door strength and operation
  • Bulb-type astragal ensures tight seal to floor
  • Lock assemblies enhance door system security

Fast and Easy Installation

  • Quick-connect headplate eliminates the need for multiple fasteners (available on 770SS only)
  • Quick-connect bottom bar stops minimize fasteners and allow easy insertion of curtain into the guides
  • Universal guide allows fastening in concrete, masonry, or wood jambs and fastening or welding to steel jambs
  • Through-hole design reduces sideroom requirements
  • Non-handed chain hoist (780CD and 790CW) with quick-connect features simplifies and speeds installation on site

Special Design Features for Wind Load Applications (790CW Series)

  • Heavy-duty guide allows rolling sheet door system to meet stringent wind load specifications
  • Curtain wind locks reinforce curtain and enhance wind load performance and smooth operation

Broad Size Ranges and Color Options

  • Commercial door sizes to 20' wide by 16' high (6096 mm by 4877 mm)
  • Self-storage door sizes from 3' wide by 7' high (914 mm by 2134 mm) up to 10' wide by 10' high (3048 mm by 3048 mm)
  • Spectrum of curtain colors:​

    • white color swatch White

    • glossy white color swatch Glossy 
    • forest green color swatch Forest Green
    • teal color swatch Teal

    • dark teal color swatch Dark 
    • walnut brown color swatch Walnut Brown
    • garnet red color swatch Garnet Red

    • polar blue color swatch Polar Blue

    • royal blue color swatch Royal Blue

    • desert tan color swatch Desert Tan

    • bronze color swatch Bronze
    • silhouette gray color swatch Silhouette
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