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​W​ho Invented the Garage Door? 

C.G. Johnson

​​The garage door was invented by our founder, C.G. Johnson, in the year of 1921.  I bet you didn't know the garage door has been around since 1921. C.G. Johnson actually invented the first upward-acting garage door which is typically the type of garage doors you see in the U.S. today.  He saw a need for a door that opened up and out of the way, which allowed for more room around the entrance of the garage. ​

CJ Johnson was who invented the garage door
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About C.G. Johnson, the Inventor of the Overhead Garage Door

Our founder, C.G. Johnson, was a true innovator and the epitome of a clever entrepreneur. He recognized the nagging problem of his day and came up with the most ingenious solution: the original Overhead Door. Just five years later, he invented the first electric garage door opener. Then he leveraged those innovations into a business and a brand that quickly​ gained a reputation for quality, service and integrity. 

The Year was 1921

C.G. Johnson of Detroit, invents the “upward-lifting garage door,” selling this new product to a prospering nation that was exchanging horse and buggy for the automobile. Partnering with attorney Forest Mckee of Hartford City, Indiana, the company starts its first plant in Detroit. To market the product, Johnson mounts a small prototype of his door on the back of his Model T Ford and drives around the country signing up distributors.​ 

When C.G. Johnson began his endeavor, Ford Motor Company was manufacturing over a million new cars for the first time, making the Midwest a focal point for garage door production.​ 

The Original Garage Door Factory of the Overhead Door

The original factory in 1921 was a two-story, 1,000-sq.-ft. building in Detroit with a production capacity of one door per day. In 1924, the factory moved to Hartford City, Indiana, and built a new plant with 200,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.​​​​​​​


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