OHD Anywhere® Wi-Fi RetroFit Kit

OHD Anywhere® Wi-Fi RetroFit Kit

Upgrade your garage door opener with smart home technology! This retrofit kit allows remote access and monitoring capabilities from almost anywhere with your smart device. Extensive time-based, programmable rules and notifications allow access in the moment or scheduled access through Virtual Keys for others! Compatible with almost any existing garage door opener manufactured after 1993 with working safety sensors.

Control and monitor the status of your garage door from anywhere!

  • Ability to monitor the door position (open or closed) and any change to the position whether it's done through the OHD Anywhere® app or manually
  • Ability to know if an authorized user is operating the door with the OHD Anywhere® app
  • Maintains access history report for each opener
  • Wi-Fi RetroFit Kit - One Door Control Module controls up to three doors while one Door Position Sensor is needed per door (One module and sensor come standard with the kit; additional sensors sold separately) See our Wi-Fi RetroFi Kit FAQs!
  • Compatible with most residential garage door openers (See our Opener Compatibility list)

Time Based Features

OHD Anywhere® smartphone system that allows you to control and monitor your garage door now has several time features, making it an even more essential product to have for any smart garage.

  • Create a virtual key as it allows homeowners to provide temporary or permanent access to relatives, friends, or service workers. Simply have the person download the free app, add their name to your list of users, and what time length of access you want to give, and you're all set. Their virtual key will expire in an hour, a day, a month, or whatever time frame you set.

  • Set your door to automatically close at any time. For example, maybe everyone in the house has been using the garage at different times and it's hard to tell if the last person using it closed the door for the night. So to be safe, you set it to automatically close at 10 p.m. in case the last person using it for the day forgets to close it.

  • Set your garage door to close after a set time frame. Let's say everyone in the house knows to close the door after they're done in the garage so it's not open too long for bugs or rodents to get in. But just in case they forget, you can set the door to always automatically close after one or two hours of being continually open, or whatever timeframe you set.