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All-Glass Frameless Garage Door​​​

Custom-Made Glass Doors

The Overhead Door™ Brand, one of the leading brands of doors and openers for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation applications, has launched Envy™ – a lustrous full-view, all-glass door that boasts a sleek frameless exterior for an ultra-modern look. Available for co​mmercial (Model 522​) and residential (Envy™​ Model 956​)​ applications, these custom-made glass doors​ are designed to modernize the exterior of a home or business, as well as provide a versatile option for room dividers and patio doors. 


all glass panel garage doors


“Envy is a stylish option for restaurants, bars, car dealerships and urban offices seeking to add a contemporary design element to their spaces. Likewise, homeowners will enjoy the ultra-modern boost to their curb appeal. Regardless of how you use it, Envy is certain to turn heads,” said Russ Lowe, Overhead Door Product Manager.

Made of ¼” tempered glass attached to a hidden aluminum frame, Envy is available in five finishes, including Mirrored Gray, Mirrored Bronze, Translucent Black, Opaque White and Opaque Black. The doors are custom made for openings up to 18’2” wide and 14’1” tall. 

Envy underwent rigorous safety and reliability testing, including exposure to extreme temperatures and user testing on homes. Additionally, a flexible vinyl bottom seal helps prevent glass breakage while providing a weather barrier against dirt and other elements​.




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