OHD Anywhere® Garage Door Opener App

Elevate your garage experience by seamlessly integrating it with smart home platforms and delivery partners, ensuring secure and convenient package or grocery deliveries directly to your garage. Unlock a new level of connectivity with the industry's most extensive array of smart home platforms, enabling advanced features such as geo-fencing, compatibility with leading camera brands, and the ability to effortlessly automate routines with other smart products. Prioritize the safety of your home by taking control of access permissions, receiving timely alerts for prolonged door openings, late-night activities, or instances when you're away. Simplify garage management with the convenience of operating your door from anywhere, whether through a user-friendly app or the power of your voice. Experience the ultimate in smart living with a garage that not only enhances security but also brings unparalleled ease to your daily life.​​

  • Smarter – Make your garage smarter by connecting to smart home platforms or delivery partners
    to integrate with leading cameras or get deliveries securely placed in the garage.
  • Safer - Make your home safer by controlling who can access your home and when and by
    receiving alerts when your door is opened for a long time, late at night, or when you are away.
  • Easier - Make your garage easier by operating your door from anywhere using an app or
    your voice or use the app to connect with a dealer near you when you need service.

    Your Garage Just Got Smarter

    • Have packages, groceries securely delivered in the garage through Amazon Key.
    • Connect your garage to BenchSentry to have any package delivered to the bench or garage.
    • Get geo-fencing, coordination of all your smart products through smart home partners.
    • Connect your garage with leading camera brands through the industry’s widest choice of smart home platforms.

    Your Garage Just Got Safer

    • Get notified if your door is open for a long time, or late at night, or when you are away.
    • Control who has access to your home.
    • Know who opened and closed your door or when someone returns home safely.
    • Remotely check status, check if you forgot to close the door.


    Your Garage Just Made it Easier

    • Remotely operate the door to let someone in.
    • Control your door with an app or with voice commands through Google, Alexa, Siri, or Samsung Bixby.
    • Quickly connect with dealer near you when you need service.
    • Future-proof your investment. Get new capabilities over the product lifetime.

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