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Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

A chain drive system provides value and a reliable performance.​

  • Garage Door Opener - Destiny 1200 chain

    Destiny 1200 Chain

    More power, speed, and convenience with integrated OHD Anywhere® and battery backup options.

  • Garage Door Opener - Odyssey 1000 chain

    Odyssey 1000 Chain

    Power, speed, and convenience. Chain drive provides value.

  • Garage Door Opener Legacy 920 - Chain Drive

    Legacy 920 Chain

    ​​​Quiet power, reliability with integrated OHD Anywhere®​ and battery backup option.

  • Garage Door Opener - Legacy 850 chain

    Legacy 850 Chain

    Power, reliability and convenience with optional integrated OHD Anywhere®.

  • Garage Door Opener Legacy 650 chain drive

    Legacy 650 Chain

    ​Value and durable performance with integrated OHD Anywhere®.