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​Dock Equipment

The Overhead Door™ brand, your direct source for superior dock equipment, enhances the safety and efficiency of your loading dock. Designed with both installers and operators in mind, our products stand out with industry-leading features for unmatched quality. They ensure rapid installation and comply with the highest ANSI safety standards for seamless operation and long-lasting durability. Elevate your loading dock operations with our solutions, crafted for optimal efficiency and security.

Mechanical Pit Leveler

​Our Mechanical Pit Leveler is designed for ease and durability. Its robust design ensures a smooth building-to-truck transition, simplifying your loading process.

Dock Equipment

Edge of Dock

​The Edge of Dock Leveler is designed to minimize bumps, gaps and damage to cargo and material handling equipment.

Dock Equipment

Adjustable Curtain Seal

​Our seal with an adjustable top curtain is designed to accommodate varying trailer heights while providing superior weather protection.

Dock Equipment

Foam Dock Shelter

​Impactable L-shaped columns and adjustable curtain accomodate many trailer sizes.

Dock Equipment

Fixed Dock Shelter

This shelter has flexible vertical panels and a curtain to serve a wide variety of trailers with different widths and heights.

Dock Equipment

Fixed Dock Seal

​This seal helps keep out weather and saves on heating/cooling costs. The trailer compresses the foam top pad and side columns of this seal.

Dock Equipment

Dock Accessories

​Overhead Door™ brand offers a variety of loading dock accessories to ensure and improve safety and smooth transitions.

Dock Equipment

Dock Equipment Affiliates


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