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R-value of Garage Door Insulation

What is R-value?

R-Value is a measure of thermal efficiency. The higher the R-value the greater the insulating properties of the door. Overhead Door Corporation uses a calculated door section R-value for our insulated doors. We have several door styles to meet your insulated door needs for both residential and commercial applications.

U-value is a measure of the flow of heat through an insulating or building material: the lower the U-value, the better the insulating ability. U-value is the inverse of R-value.


Installed U-Factor - A tested value of actual energy loss - whether heat or cold - of an installed door, wall, or window assembly. The lower the number the lower the energy loss and therefore the better the thermal performance. U-factor will vary between 0.66 and 1.00 depending on finish and color selection. For best U-factor, choose finish and color with high solar reflectance (bright colors).​​​

What is the standard r value for a garage door?​​

Below is a list of our garage doors and the r-value of each one.

Commercial Garage Doors

R-value Garage Doors
0 - 7.35 Sectional Steel
0 Security Grilles
0-10.9 Rolling Steel
0 - 17.4 Thermacore®
0 Aluminum Glass Doors
0 - 10.9 Rolling Sheet Doors
0 - 4.5 Fire-Rated Doors
0 Counter Doors
12.12 - 16.22 Thermacore® Collection Wind Load

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